Do You Feel the BREES!!!!

In August of 1999, I had a job interview in West Lafayette, Indiana to become a part of Purdue's sports information team. When the then director of the office, Jim Vruggink, picked me up from the airport in Indianapolis, he had a 45 minute drive to tell me all about Purdue's athletic program. He spend 30 minutes talking about the then sophomore quarterback who he believed would be one of the best in Boilermaker history. His enthusiasm about this Texas kid Drew Brees was contagious. The next day I got to visit all of the athletic facilities. I saw some of the players in the weight room and Drew was VERY easy to spot. While he has a distinct birthmark on his face, there was just something about the way he carried himself. He was the clear leader of that team. Throughout my time at Purdue, Drew had an amazing career and I was able to watch the nation take notice of him. As he led the Big Ten in offense, he found himself in the running for Heisman two years in a row. And he took the Boilers to the Rose Bowl. I became THE Drew Brees fan when he went to the draft. At first I was mad because he didn't go in the first round but when he wound up in San Diego I was so happy! That was a great program and I knew he'd do well. The Chargers are my third favorite team (New Orleans first - grew up on them and then the Colts from my Indiana days and I like San Diego b/c it was the Cali' team I most resonated with as a fan). So when the Chargers invested their money into Philip Rivers I was so upset - how could they do my boy like that when he was playing so well?!?! Luckily God's plan is ALWAYS bigger than mine so who knew he'd end up playing for my home team!!!

When Drew went to the Saints I was OVERJOYED! I knew this player and how strong he was and how good he could be for the Saints. Most of all I knew his attitude and how great of a person he is and how that attitude could really work in a city like New Orleans. This season it was evident to EVERYONE what I knew back in my West Lafayette days - Drew Brees is a winner and now he's at the QB position of my New Orleans Saints leading them to their first Super Bowl appearance ever!!!

My my my how sweet it is!!!!


It's Not ALL Bad ...

I've been so icky lately that I haven't been celebrating anything. Everything has not been horrible as my blog may have indicated. Here's a little bit of what's going right ...

Let's see - I'm always complaining about work. I do have a job (I complain because its not a "real" job but its real indeed). Once a month I teach self development/esteem to teenage girls. The classes run in six month intervals and my first class ended last weekend. This weekend I'm training to be director for the city of New Orleans. I was named a star instructor! I begin training for director this weekend. YAY!!!! I've been applying for some gigs too, one that is ideal for my goals. So now we wait for responses.

Speaking of work, I've worked A LOT since I've been here. I worked all year in 2009. I waited tables at good ole' Houston's (and ate my share of spinach dip!), worked on two distinct projects and even worked at the Essence Festival. I got my grind on. Yes I spent time on the sofa but I wasn't the slug I make it sound like I was.

I'm being creative. I'm writing my play and soliciting support from people I feel can really help me produce it (I have targeted two co-producers and met with one who is on board; I'll see the other soon). I've collected all the material I need to do a new wave of vision boards. I'm set to do one for my career/creative endeavors and a fashion/style one. Exciting.

My apartment is going through changes - the owner is renovating like crazy which sparked me to do the same. I'm turning my blue office into my blue living room, my bedroom into a sunny office and my current living room will become my huge new bedroom. Very exciting stuff!

A big part of my "thing" is helping others. I've been able to help my friend get her pilot in the hands of the right people. Who knows how it will work out but its such a good project, its easy to pass it on. My other friend wanted to get some work on sets and I helped her find a nice, long stand-in gig.

Other people don't think I suck as much as I've made it seem either. My hot girls are coming to New Orleans for our reunion this summer! That makes me so happy!!! And somebody thinks I'm pretty cool because I got purty flowers for no reason at all.

Life isn't so bad after all.


It's Coming ...

Okay ... I do feel like the broken Barbie BUT I can't stay here. This has been the roughest time but even still it's not the worst time ever. Change is coming. I know and believe it is.

This Has GOT To Change ...

Rarely does a piece of art speak so specifically to how I feel. I feel like Barbie: down, out, beat down, dirty, done just done. This sucks so bad. I want to be positive I really really do. I try to be positive I really do. But things just are not looking up. SIGH how much more can one person take ... I'm ready for the tide to change. Its got to. So I keep it moving as much as I can but like Ms. Barbie today I'm simply stuck. ARGH!


Wake Up Everybody

Today another music legend died. Two days ago Haiti was rocked by devestating earthquakes ... and some people in the media blamed them. WOW! I'm truly saddened by the current state of things but Teddy told us what to do a long time ago.

R.I.P. Teddy Pendergrass


101 in 1001 Days Starting Today

WOW! 2010 is upon us. I'm pretty late. I thought on December 30 that I'd be so stoked for the New Year. But on December 31, I hit a wall of funk. I've not been myself and have really been trying to "snap out of it". A lot of my favorite bloggers are doing 101 things in 1001 days - it is a project/challenge where you choose 101 things you want to accomplish. Unlike bucket lists, you don't have an unlimited amount of time to achieve these tasks - you get 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years). In an attempt to break my funk, I've created my list. So without further ado, here's my 101 things in no particular order. (I plan to report on these goals here on my blog.)Interested in the challenge? Click here for the official site.

DaVida Chanel's 101 Things In 1001 Days
Completion Date: Monday, October 8, 2012
First Update: Feb. 3
Second Update: March 27
Third Update: June 1
Fourth Update: July 22
Fifth Update: Sept 16
  1. Organize/re do my apartment (I put my bedroom where the living room was, made a den/living room in the area that was going to be my office and my old bedroom is the office.)
  2. Get my things from L.A. (I have boxes that are still in my friend's garage)
  3. Find a job that allows me the time and financial security to pursue my passions (I started work as a production secretary on a television show, I still teach modeling/acting and am training for Director of Education and I do publicity for an artist on the verge of BLOWING UP!)
  4. Develop a healthier lifestyle (better eating habits; become more physically active)
  5. Meditate daily
  6. Find a spiritual home here in New Orleans (I LOVED my "church" in L.A. and haven't found anything like it here; I feel disconnected and want to be a part of a spiritual family)
  7. Repair my credit (pay off Discover once and for all!)
  8. Pay off my car (and don't go get another one!)
  9. Pay off my State of California traffic violations (this will be complete on Friday, April 2!!!)
  10. Get my side view mirror repaired (this has made driving soo much better!)
  11. Get a MAC computer and FinalCutPro
  12. Get a video camera (my client gave me a flip cam; I love it! It takes away excuses of why I'm not shooting stuff)
  13. Make short films to cultivate my storytelling and editing skills (with the flip cam I've been doing fun little 2-3 minute movies/clips)
  14. Take an acting class
  15. Join a writer's group (I'm in a writer's group!!!!! It started in August of 2010!! EXCITING!)
  16. Find a cause I believe in and spend time volunteering for it
  17. Write a viable business plan for DaVida Chanel Productions, LLC
  18. Improve the layout for my blog (It's coming!!! Springcart is on the job...my new blog/website is coming soon! Don't worry, this one will still be up until it's ready!)
  19. Attract more readers to my blog
  20. Implement a skin car regimen that works (I've been on this one! I started the month with a facial -plan to do one monthly-and have beefed up my home skincare routine!)
  21. Drink 8 glasses of water EVERY day PERIOD (I've been doing VERY well w/this one! I found my 32 oz water bottle and I fill it everyday before work. I drink it twice a day!)
  22. Become more familiar with the vitamins my body needs and take them
  23. Work on my sense of personal style (this one is ongoing but instead of working against my body type, I've been working with it!)
  24. Work out my ATT issues so I can get internet at my apartment (DONE!!! They came and fixed it on Wednesday, April 24!)
  25. Get Netflix
  26. Join (or start) a group for A Course In Miracles (actually a spiritual book group)
  27. Fill my home with inspiring words and images (vision boards, quotes, pictures, etc) (I've got several cool things up!)
  28. See my Granny at least twice a month (My new job in her area means I'll see her basically everyday).
  29. Visit Toronto
  30. Visit South America (part fun - Argentina/Brazil; part service trip - Peru)
  31. Be abstinent for 365 days (I know I can do it and I'll write a blog entry to explain why)
  32. Read "Think and Grow Rich"
  33. Read "The Audacity of Hope"
  34. Read "Story"
  35. Read "In the Blink of An Eye"
  36. Read "The Invisible Man"
  37. Read "The Catcher in the Rye"
  38. Read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  39. Read "The Undiscovered Self"
  40. Read "The Power of Intention"
  41. Read "The 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast"
  42. See "Schindler's List"
  43. See "Gone with the Wind"
  44. See "Annie Hall"
  45. See "Chinatown"
  46. See "Field of Dreams"
  47. See "Hav Plenty"
  48. See "All About Eve" saw this on Jan. 27 and LOVED it!!
  49. See "Thin Blue Line"
  50. See "Pirates of the Caribbean" series (I know I know, I'm WAY late on these)
  51. See "Lolita"
  52. Learn to swim (SERIOUSLY!!! No more playing with this one!!)
  53. Learn to make spaghetti sauce from scratch
  54. Host a small dinner party in my home I've done well with this one-I had my women's power group over and also hosted my friends for the BET Awards!
  55. Become a published writer (this has been on my list for SOME time; time to submit articles!) My articles have been published on urbanorleans.com and other sites!!!
  56. Upon waking up in the morning, write down the previous night's dreams Becoming VERY regimented with this one-one of my favorite activities.
  57. Give myself weekly mani/pedi's
  58. Have a soul reading with Maryann RussellDone! And I must say life changing!
  59. Buy a bike and actually ride it!
  60. Let my hair grow long because it simply looks better long! (This one will be a tough one because I get feelings and go chop my hair-I want to let it grow over these 1001 days! Only getting my ends trimmed!)
  61. Take my little sister to NYC for a weekend for her graduation - she's set to graduate in 2011!
  62. Write and produce a stage play (this one in the works!)
  63. Meet the daughters of three of my good friends and the husband of a fourth (I'm long overdue on this one!)
  64. Write a letter to my future self (the me I shall be at the end of this decade). Then use futureme.org to automatically send myself the letter (read this in the Oprah mag)
  65. Drive to Destin, Florida alone and have a few days of R&R and self reflection
  66. Complete my documentary and enter it into film festivals
  67. Find a dentist in New Orleans YES! Proud patient of Dr. Ken Launey!
  68. Do another nightlife mixer event (the first one kind of shell shocked me but I've got to try again)
  69. Visit the national World War II Museum (since it IS right up the street!)
  70. See the "Disney Dreams Come True" exhibit at NOMA before it leaves (it is here until March 14, 2010)
  71. Get back into public speaking (seek more opportunities to speak in front of groups) I helped Kourtney Heart with her "Kourtney's Little Princesses" event. I got to speak to a group of young girls! Felt good.
  72. Find a workout I really enjoy (I don't work out consistently because I simply don't like it! There's got to be SOME physical activity I could enjoy!)
  73. Have a mammogram
  74. Do the Denise Ford 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse
  75. Seek professional help for my abandonment issues The Maryann Russell convo put that one to rest!
  76. Become 100 percent drug free
  77. Eat breakfast EVERY day PERIOD
  78. Meet Oprah
  79. Meet Will Smith
  80. Find a female mentor (I have a ton of AWESOME mentors but they are all male; I need to connect with a woman that is older than me. I think that would be highly beneficial)
  81. Clip and use coupons for household needs
  82. See WICKED when it comes to New Orleans (absolute FAVORITE play!!!)
  83. Adopt a pet ( I want a kitten!)
  84. Study a foreign language (I want to learn Portugese but I don't know Spanish so I guess I have to start there?)
  85. Get renter's insurance I'm insured!
  86. See Kanye West in concert
  87. See Corinne Bailey Rae in concert
  88. See John Mayer in concert - Saw him on March 10 and he was AWESOME!
  89. See Adele in concert
  90. See Jay Electronica in concert
  91. See Dr. John in concert
  92. See Erykah Badu in concert ... again
  93. Fill in the blanks on my list and post it on the official 101 things 1001 days site
  94. Get a new tattoo
  95. Watch entire series of The Wire
  96. Submit proposal to Sundance for documentary funding
  97. Donate blood at least once annually
  98. Get a new website/rather get my website redesigned Being worked on right now!!!!
  99. Write a memoir (to be added as I explore more of what it is I want to accomplish)
  100. tba
  101. tba
Well, that's my list for now. Writing (typing) this has really helped my funk. Seeing things I want to do and accomplish (big and small) have been really helpful in seeing what it is I want to get done. Deep breath...I can do this man!!!!

So what do you think of the 101 idea? I'd love to see your list - please share!!!

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