Do You Feel the BREES!!!!

In August of 1999, I had a job interview in West Lafayette, Indiana to become a part of Purdue's sports information team. When the then director of the office, Jim Vruggink, picked me up from the airport in Indianapolis, he had a 45 minute drive to tell me all about Purdue's athletic program. He spend 30 minutes talking about the then sophomore quarterback who he believed would be one of the best in Boilermaker history. His enthusiasm about this Texas kid Drew Brees was contagious. The next day I got to visit all of the athletic facilities. I saw some of the players in the weight room and Drew was VERY easy to spot. While he has a distinct birthmark on his face, there was just something about the way he carried himself. He was the clear leader of that team. Throughout my time at Purdue, Drew had an amazing career and I was able to watch the nation take notice of him. As he led the Big Ten in offense, he found himself in the running for Heisman two years in a row. And he took the Boilers to the Rose Bowl. I became THE Drew Brees fan when he went to the draft. At first I was mad because he didn't go in the first round but when he wound up in San Diego I was so happy! That was a great program and I knew he'd do well. The Chargers are my third favorite team (New Orleans first - grew up on them and then the Colts from my Indiana days and I like San Diego b/c it was the Cali' team I most resonated with as a fan). So when the Chargers invested their money into Philip Rivers I was so upset - how could they do my boy like that when he was playing so well?!?! Luckily God's plan is ALWAYS bigger than mine so who knew he'd end up playing for my home team!!!

When Drew went to the Saints I was OVERJOYED! I knew this player and how strong he was and how good he could be for the Saints. Most of all I knew his attitude and how great of a person he is and how that attitude could really work in a city like New Orleans. This season it was evident to EVERYONE what I knew back in my West Lafayette days - Drew Brees is a winner and now he's at the QB position of my New Orleans Saints leading them to their first Super Bowl appearance ever!!!

My my my how sweet it is!!!!

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