It's Not ALL Bad ...

I've been so icky lately that I haven't been celebrating anything. Everything has not been horrible as my blog may have indicated. Here's a little bit of what's going right ...

Let's see - I'm always complaining about work. I do have a job (I complain because its not a "real" job but its real indeed). Once a month I teach self development/esteem to teenage girls. The classes run in six month intervals and my first class ended last weekend. This weekend I'm training to be director for the city of New Orleans. I was named a star instructor! I begin training for director this weekend. YAY!!!! I've been applying for some gigs too, one that is ideal for my goals. So now we wait for responses.

Speaking of work, I've worked A LOT since I've been here. I worked all year in 2009. I waited tables at good ole' Houston's (and ate my share of spinach dip!), worked on two distinct projects and even worked at the Essence Festival. I got my grind on. Yes I spent time on the sofa but I wasn't the slug I make it sound like I was.

I'm being creative. I'm writing my play and soliciting support from people I feel can really help me produce it (I have targeted two co-producers and met with one who is on board; I'll see the other soon). I've collected all the material I need to do a new wave of vision boards. I'm set to do one for my career/creative endeavors and a fashion/style one. Exciting.

My apartment is going through changes - the owner is renovating like crazy which sparked me to do the same. I'm turning my blue office into my blue living room, my bedroom into a sunny office and my current living room will become my huge new bedroom. Very exciting stuff!

A big part of my "thing" is helping others. I've been able to help my friend get her pilot in the hands of the right people. Who knows how it will work out but its such a good project, its easy to pass it on. My other friend wanted to get some work on sets and I helped her find a nice, long stand-in gig.

Other people don't think I suck as much as I've made it seem either. My hot girls are coming to New Orleans for our reunion this summer! That makes me so happy!!! And somebody thinks I'm pretty cool because I got purty flowers for no reason at all.

Life isn't so bad after all.

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