She Makes Me Wanna - Remember What's Truly Important!

I met Kendra when I was an Assistant Sports Information Director at Purdue. Kendra was wrapping up her sophomore year and from the moment I met her I remember thinking this girl is DYNAMIC! Kendra was the epitome of hard working/multi tasking. She worked at the Black Cultural Center and at the time wrote for their newsletter; she was very active in her sorority; she maintained a very impressive GPA in the demanding public relations program at Purdue and the day I met her she was interviewing to intern in the athletic department. Her schedule made my head spin. Naturally, she got the intern in the promotions department – promotions worked closely with sports info so we worked together quite often. She was literally amazing. She got everything done with such tenacity and passion – after a short time, we begin to utilize her in the sports information office. The most impressive thing was that she was really a cool girl – we began to hang out. She was years younger but we always had so much fun! We’d go to the college parties or do group stuff at home everything was always fun!

As Kendra matriculated in her studies, she got an intern in Indianapolis working for the Pacers (now add that two hour back and forth commute to her load, this girl was BUSY!). She was so great in the athletic arena, I urged her to get a summer intern doing something athletics related. Kendra looked me dead in the eyes and said it was her life’s dream to work in public relations. She told me that she, her roommate and her best friend were all going to NYC for the summer to pursue interns and she was sure that she’d land a job. She did. She became an intern at Fleishman-Hillard, one of the largest marketing companies in the world.

That’s the thing about “K”. She not only had a vision when we were hanging at Purdue, she worked extremely hard to attain her goals. Most impressive thing is that she remembers what is truly important in life. Kendra shined in that internship position and when she graduated she began to work there full time. She worked hard and moved up in the company at a rapid pace, and pretty soon she was traveling the world (LOL! And lucky for me, taking her friends along!). No matter where her travels led her, I knew she was thinking of me because I’d get some memento in the mail (postcards, hotel pens, t-shirts, etc). And this was not unique with just our friendship – that’s how she is (when she'd visit me in LA we always had to go to the postoffice so she could mail her other friends little do-dads from her stay!). Because work was so demanding we couldn't always hang out. BUT we DID hang, we'd HANG! We’d always say party all night, but never be late for work! (And we would go so hard but never miss a beat at work!) Because she works so hard, she has always made it a point to really make her friends and loved ones feel the love. Last Christmas she got married to her college boo and she puts that same energy into creating an amazing relationship.

Although Kendra inspires me to do so much, she makes me wanna remember what’s truly important. No matter what’s happening at work, she remembers to take care of friends and loved ones! Without further ado, here’s Kendra’s “She Makes Me Wanna”.

She Makes Me Wanna …
NAME: Kendra Bracken-Ferguson
AGE: 29
HOMETOWN: Round Rock, TX

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Arts (concentration in Public Relations), Purdue University; Masters of Business Administration, Keller Graduate School of Management

OCCUPATION: Director, Digital Media, Corporate Communications; Polo Ralph Lauren

AS A CHILD WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP: Public Relations/Publicist since I was in the 7th grade. I was actually watching the president make a speech and I remember trying to figure out who the person was with him that was briefing him and handling the media. I later found out, it was his publicist and from that moment on I decided I wanted to pursue a career in public relations. I was fortunate and blessed enough to not only dream about a career in public relations but to also receive a degree with a communications/public relations focus as well as go on to work in the field of public relations for one of the largest PR agencies in the world.

DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO: Yes! I always wanted to work for a large fashion brand in the communications department and the Lord has blessed me with that opportunity. Every day, I try my hardest to make the most out of what He has given me. On my first day of work, my mom told me “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Due” – I try to remember that every day and accept my role with both humility and pride. I was also recently elected to the Board of New York Women In Communications, which has been an amazing experience for me and something I am really happy to be a part of.

HOW DID YOU BEGIN YOUR CAREER: I started out as intern at Fleishman-Hillard Global Communications during the summer before my senior year in college. I decided that I wanted to have an internship at one of the top 5 PR agencies in NYC, did tons of research and submitted my resume. Two of my close friends and I hopped on the Greyhound bus and went out to NYC for interviews. We stayed in a small room with a shared bathroom but it was worth it because I landed the internship. I ended up staying at FH for another 7 years, helping to build the youth marketing practice and digital consumer team.

ARE YOU LIVING THE LIFE YOU DREAMED OF: Yes, I am. I moved to NYC right out of college and didn’t really know what to expect. I had amazing opportunities to travel all over the world and experiences that I could only have dreamed of. I was able to grow as a person both professionally, personally and spiritually. I like to live by the philosophy “Carpe Diem” – Seize the Day-- and I can truly say, I have achieved my dreams and so much more.

WHO IS YOUR FEMALE INSPIRATION: Teresa Bledsoe, my mother, friend and mentor! Through thick and thin, we held on to each other and I admire and love her.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN: I love traveling, reading, cooking (this came after being married!), being with family and friends and lazy days at the beach!

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER WOMEN IN PURSUIT OF THEIR DREAM: Believe in yourself, be open to new opportunities and change, keep growing and make sure to learn something every day. Find support groups, whether it is through volunteer and professional organizations or church groups – having networks outside of your family, coworkers and friends, can open you up to whole another world of experiences and opportunities.
Remember to meditate daily on all of the things you have to be faithful for.
If you desire to have a victorious, powerful, positive life, you cannot be negative about yourself. Don’t look only at how far you have to go, but how far you have come. Think and speak positively about yourself!

“There’s a world that needs fixing, a career waiting to soar, a life ready to be transformed into the extraordinary. Take the first small step. And then keep on walking.”

Keep up with Kendra by following her on Facebook or Twitter or read her blog Innovate 24/7.


Where Am I This Time?

So last week I had a fight with ATT home phone service. We had a disagreement two months in a row regarding charges to my bill. The customer service rep got on my nerves so badly that I told her disconnect my service. Shortly after I was pretty sad - I love to wake up, go online and then blog. I decided this could be a blessing in disguise. In addition to saving $50 every month, I'm now forced to get out of the house when I want to use the web. This can be great because now my writing can be more organic-using the various surroundings to help formulate my thoughts. Furthermore, no web at home forces me to use my resources (afterall I do have an IPhone so some posts as the one you are reading, can come from my phone! Now I'm a roaming blogger! You never know where I'll be sharing my OMG stories from!


Class Is In Session

Today is my first day of class - I'm enrolled in LIFE 101! I have always recognized learning opportunities in the most random of places and I've learned valuable lessons from the unlikeliest of teachers. As I pursue my dreams and goals, I've decided to go after my desires with an extreme ferociousness I have not used in the past. I've decided to stop complaining and see things as they really are - opportunities to expand my knowledge and to grow!

As I was cleaning up today, I was listening to Kanye West on Pandora. I love Kanye and have since he came out with "The College Dropout". He is so lyrically gifted it makes it easy to overlook his social ills. I rocks Mr. West!! I put on my Kanye West station today as I was cleaning up and I recognized why I am so attracted to him lyrically. Kanye speaks a lot on the College Dropout about things he wants to happen and by Graduation, many of those things came to pass!

When I heard "Through the Wire" today it was as if I were hearing it for the first time. He really spits some stuff on this track

  • He says," What if somebody from the Chi that was ill got a deal on the hottest rap label around. But he wasn't talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word. Except he really putting it down." That's exactly what Kanye is - he is like a super dope spoken word artist w/fire beats that make his words pop! He's a poet and his songs share poetic verse after verse about his life and the things he desires.
  • Then he says,"But I'm a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph. Make music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire." At this point he had produced some hot tracks but he wasn't doing it like he is now. But he spoke with such confidence, such enthusiasm for what he was saying. He believed then that he would be who he is now.

I was feeling this song so much then Pandora hit me with "All Falls Down." When this song came on, I knew there was a direct message for me!

  • He is on me when he says,"She's so self conscious. She has no idea what she's doing in college. That major that she majored in don't make no money, but she won't drop out, her parents will look at her funny." WOW! That was me! I had no desire to go to college but my family put so much emphasis on education. Even though I wanted to do then what I do now (write, make movies, help people find their talent), I had to go to college. While it was a great experience and I wouldn't change it for the world, I went mainly b/c other people wanted me to. This verse and song reminded me of my true desire right now.

I do value education and the opportunities it provides. But unlike when I attended college or even law school, I get to pick the lessons I want to learn now! I am in charge - I get to select the curriculum, the professors and the course length ... I even get to decide when the lessons has been adequately taught! I've decided to invest in my education - this time the course of study is ME and MY LIFE! The first class I've signed up for is LIFE 101. In this course, I will learn how to be exactly who I am. This course will allow me to let go of my preconceived notions of who I am and dive deeply into the reality of who I am and what I'm about. My professors are the philosophers of my day (people seem to live lives that are led from their gut and their deepest desires). My homework is heavy heavy journaling and blogging - sharing my experiences as I go. This class is great because I have to go on field trips often! I'm excited about LIFE 101 - the only thing is, I have no idea how long this course lasts!


She Makes Me Wanna - Grind Harder

Joel Barker said, "Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." I chose My McCarty for this week's, "She Makes Me Wanna," because as I pursue my dreams, I must always remember the action portion. My LIVES that motto.

My best friend Kay* from the blogosphere had mentioned My in one of her posts a while back. Before I started my business, I was starting a business with a partner. We were seeking a graphic designer to design our logo. After making him check out her work from the web, I convinced him she was the designer for us (he thought working with someone across the miles was a bad idea). This partnership was full of problems and we dissolved but it was after we had already paid My to work on our logo. I was so devastated and embarrassed to call her back to cancel the order. I was thinking maybe she could apply some portion of what I had paid toward the partnership logo to my own personal logo and she did with no delay. From that moment on, we established an amazing working relationship. I was working on a movie during this time so my days got off to extremely early starts. No matter when I'd email her she'd respond instantly (she lives in L.A. so that is a 2 hour difference). The fact that My works so hard on all fronts of her business makes me wanna GRIND HARDER in the pursuit of my professional goals! Her work ethic is amazing and she creates beautiful things as a result (everytime I had out one of my business cards, people are wow'ed!). So without further ado, meet the woman that makes this workaholic want to grind harder!


NAME: My McCarthy
AGE: 36
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, Ca
CURRENT CITY OF RESIDENCE: Marina Del Rey, CA (Basically Los Angeles)

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: I studied fashion design for 2 years at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and 1 year at the Art Institute International in Portland

OCCUPATION: Online Boutique Owner + Jewelry Maker + Crafty Person + Graphic Designer + Web Designer + Lover of all things that are beautiful and Inspiring


DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO: Yes, I absolutely love what I do. Enjoy the freedom that I have with my days and life now.

HOW DID YOU BEGIN YOUR CAREER: I started making jewelry about 6 years ago and I learned graphic and web design along the way. I needed an online presence and kinda figured it out along the way.

ARE YOU LIVING THE LIFE YOU DREAMED OF: I guess I can say in the beginning I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I did know that I didn’t want to work a 9-5 gig for anyone. I guess that it would be fair to say that now I am living life that I dreamed of most recently. If that makes sense.

WHO IS YOUR FEMALE INSPIRATION: Porsche Taylor. She is my other half. She is definitely my muse, my supporter and my creative sound board. She inspired me to do what I love most and that is create.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN: For fun I make stuff… I know that sounds simple but it could be anything I just like creating.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER WOMEN IN PURSUIT OF THEIR DREAM: Just do it! Time waits for no one and life is very short.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES OR MOTTO: Our most recent motto is: “Hustle Harder”

Visit My's Shop at http://www.springcartdesigns.com
View My's portfolio at http://www.springcartdesignlab.com
View My's blog tha Hotness by clicking here ...


Behind Every Successful Man Is ...

Behind every good man is a person who loves them. Tonight I saw a film that inspired me, "Valentino the Last Emperor." I loved it and it inspired me more than I can say. I was most stricken by the relationship between Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti. I'd never heard of Giancarlo before but apparently they've been together since the beginning. They met shortly after Valentino went to Rome from Paris. They've been together as business partners, lovers and friends for the 45 year duration of the Valentino brand.

No matter his sexuality, I'm convinced that behind every successful man, there is a person who loves them and supports them. Someone who sees their vision and gets on board with it. It was clear in the movie that Giancarlo provides that for Valentino. And while Valentino didn't go around flaunting their relationship, it was clear that he loved and appreciated him for it. When he received the Legion of France award, Valentino broke down in gratitude regarding his relationship with Giancarlo.

More...This situation made me feel good. I know I have a lot of great qualities but one I'm most impressed with my ability to support the people in my life. I think I made such a great assistant because of that quality - I was able to maintain the lives of the men I worked for because I truly supported their vision. It is my belief that when I fall in love love, it will be with a man with a vision that I can truly get behind. I'm ready to be that chick! But I recognize more than ever that you must act as if you already are the thing you want to be. You must start where you are to get to be where you want to be. I am learning to love myself with no attachments or judgements so that I can love a man in the same way. So in an effort to prepare myself to support him, I'll support me!

I like that plan!


The Journey by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting
their bad advice --
though the whole house
began to tremble
and you felt the old tug
at your ankles.
"Mend my life!"
each voice cried.
But you didn't stop.
You knew what you had to do,
though the wind pried
with its stiff fingers
at the very foundations,
though their melancholy
was terrible.
It was already late
enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen
branches and stones.
But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do --
determined to save
the only life you could save.

~ Mary Oliver ~


Repeat, Replay, Rewind ...

Today was my first day back waiting tables. I had some apprehension about this return but decided that it was a necessity to make some money. I was supposed to go back last week but didn't. While I was there the most random thing happened. Someone I really respect came in to eat dinner. I introduced myself briefly and kept it moving. That situation reminded me of a post I wrote last year - so in an attempt to remind myself, I thought I'd remind you as well - TRY AGAIN THEN TRY AGAIN THEN TRY AGAIN! (Last year's post.)


She Makes Me Wanna - Follow My Dreams

I've made myself a deal - right now the priority in my life is to follow my dreams. I have been experiencing emotional turmoil because those dreams seem pretty unattainable on most days. When I'm feeling down and out, I try to remind myself of people I know who are living dream lives (meaning they follow their dreams). For that reason, my first "She Makes Me Wanna," is my good friend, Kimberly Michelle. Kimberly and I met during our freshman year of college. Were in this program called The Academy (The Academy was designed to help facilitate the transition from high school to college). One hundred students were split into four groups and those groups went to all of their classes together. After the Academy, Kimberly and I both went on to study psychology and were sorority line sisters. Our paths continued to cross after college - we both lived in Houston and later in Los Angeles during the same time periods. No matter where we lived or the situation which brought us together, Kimberly has always been a positive, bright light in my world. She continously makes me wanna follow my dreams. Watch out, she's going to make you want to follow your dreams too!

Name: Kimberly Michelle

Age: 32

Hometown: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Current City of Residence: Houston, Texas

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Occupation: Cosmetologist, Salon Owner, Platform Artist

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?: I always dreamed of being "known". I go back to a time in my childhood where I remember thinking that I had to be special in whatever I did but it had to make people know me. I had to be a wholesome name as to when people heard my name that people knew who I was. And then I wanted to be successful. Whatever all that meant in a little child's mind.

Do you love what you do?: Absolutely… In what I do, everyday I have the chance to touch someone's life whether it's making them feel better about themselves, giving them a HOT new haircut, or making them look and feel like the most beautiful bride on her wedding day. I have found my purpose in life in my passion and that is truly a blessing in my life.

How did you begin your career?: I fell into it by the grace of God. While in college studying to graduate, I worked as a salon receptionist in a very upscale salon. I loved the environment but had no clue of diving into it, career wise. The funny thing about that is my mom owned and operated a hair salon where she was "known" for healthy hair care. Illegally (no-license) assisting her at the early age of 9, it became my outlet and my means to making cash for maybe a pickle from the corner store or a pack of Now and Laters. I found love. I really enjoyed "doing hair". Now, fast forward 10 + years. So, I graduated from college in Psychology, graduated from cosmetologist school and something happened. I was challenged! I finally realized the true meaning of hair. The science of hair, the art of hair, the psychological connection with people and their hair. WOW. I was amazed to fall flat on my face in love with the beauty industry. I wanted to be a hairdresser. From that point on, I never saw the industry as a joke. It was now my mission to be accomplished. I applied and worked for Toni & Guy Hairdressing Company in Dallas, TX. I worked as an assistant making minimum wage and tips and barely paying my bills. I definitely kept the bigger picture in mind. How you start is a great indication of how you will finish. I eventually moved myself to New York to work with Toni & Guy in Manhattan. There is where I put in work to grow as a person, an artist, and an educator. I surrounded myself around the most talented of the industry. I saw a lot and I did a whole lot. It was DIVINE. I became curious. How can I own one just like they do? That is Toni & Guy. I wanted to be just like them. A successful business owner. A successful salon owner. After 5 years in New York, living and breathing the hustle and loving it, I decided to take my dream serious and start moving in that direction. I moved to Houston, Texas and opened my very own salon, STUDIO 31 Hair Lab. Success is on the way!

Are you living the life you dreamed of ?: I am most definitely living the life that I've dreamed of. I wake up every morning with purpose. I am always motivated by goals that I place in front of me. My goals, which lead me to my dreams are what keeps me pushing everyday. I truly believe that if I had no objectives in life, there would be no motivation for my life and my dreams would never come to fruition. Every dream that comes true gives me reason to set another goal.

Who is your female inspiration? : My female inspiration? Well that’s a great question and as I think about this it is hard for me to find one person only. Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles, Stella Wiltz (my mother). I put these women on the top of my list of women of inspiration. All of these women are hard-working, motivated, and successful. They all have one thing in common and that is PURPOSE. They are all driven by this word PURPOSE. A lot of times when I talk to friends or random strangers about successful tips or achieving goals, I realize that some think that there's a magic potion to success or some high genetic reasoning behind being successful. But honestly, I have found that the road to success is very simple. It is not easy and it takes hard work. But it is all about having PURPOSE in life.

What do you do for fun?: I love to fine dine at some of the world's most fabulous restaurants, I love teaching and sharing with other stylists like myself, I love having girl-talk with my friends, and I absolutely love hanging out with my family.

What advice do you have for other women in pursuit of their dream?: My advice to women in pursuit of their dream is to find positive supporters of their dream and share every step of the way with them. Energy is contagious so keep some positive ones around as often as you can. Some of you may be at a time when you don’t know what your dream is and so in that instance, journey through the lives of successful people and position yourself there and if it makes you feel happy move in that direction. If it doesn’t wow you, keep searching until you find what will make you happy. SUCCESS is HAPPINESS and does not necessarily mean RICH. WEALTH is the reward for being HAPPILY SUCCESSFUL and being wealthy is more long-lasting that being rich.

Inspirational quotes or motto:

"If you want to be successful, find someone who is successful and do exactly what they are doing and you are destined to be successful."

"Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

"Ask questions."

"Keep GOD first in your life and listen to the still small voice and do what it says."

To find out more about Kimberly Michelle and her salon, please visit her website at http://www.kmwiltz.com/.


She Is So Bad Azz!

If it is one thing I love it is amazing dance sequences and performances. It used to be such a big deal to me to see the latest video of my favorite artists. If they were performing at an awards show, me and my friends would make plans just to tune in. Tonight my friend gave me a call - we were catching up on TV when she told me that Shakira had a new video. I was super excited. I LOVE SHAKIRA! I am not the biggest fan of music in different languages b/c I don't know what the artist is trying to convey. Shakira is the exception because the first time I saw her dance, I didn't have to know what she was saying because I knew from her expressions and gyrations exactly what she meant! So I go to youtube to catch "SheWolf" her latest video - THE BOMB! I took a belly dancing class because of Shakira and let me tell you, her moves are quite difficult! Enjoy the video "SheWolf". And since we're on the subject, check my favorite video of hers as well! ("Tango" goes so hard! If you saw her on the MTV awards that year, it was quite possibly the sexiest performance ever on their stage! Unfortunately I couldn't find the clip on line. If you can email it to me!!!)

Shakira - She Wolf official video music
by andrexfriends

Shakira - Objection (Tango)
by thegirljenny23


Sneak Peak

Next week I'm introducing a new feature to the blog. It is called "She Makes Me Wanna ...". So often women don't celebrate the greatness of other women. We get so caught up in drama and foolishness sometimes (I mean look at every reality show w/all women and you probably tune in for the over the top dramatics). I have done my share of participating in the silliness and pettiness, but where I applaud myself is in the celebrating of great things that women are doing to inspire one another! My new feature will give glimpses into the lives of some women doing things I admire. Things that make me wanna ...

So check back on Monday for the first installment of the latest feature!


You Are Not Alone ...

I just had a phone call with a friend I hadn't spoken to in forever. We met at college - back then I was a very interesting girl. I spoke a lot about "keeping it real" - those were my words! In my attempt to be so real, I met some pretty real people and this girl was one of them. She was tall and quite striking - like a model. Her look wasn't like the rest of us. She looked like a woman and I think I looked more like a girl (I kind of still have that thing going on.) She always had a thing for fashion and years later I was surprised to hear she worked in education as an assistant principal. Recently we caught up Facebook - she'd decided to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry and had moved to New York (my intuition from back in the day was on point!). She had decided to give me a call because she was dealing with those feelings of anxiety and insecurity that creep up - she left the security of her job to pursue this dream and has not yet found the job of her dreams. I can totally relate to that - here she was calling me for advice when I'm struggling with the same thing! It is funny how I thought I was so alone and here was someone I admired so calling for my advice on how to get through the tough days!

This call made me recognize many things. The first is that when you have a deep seated desire, there comes a point where you simply must go after it. This girl was successful by any stretch, but that success could no longer satisfy her because it was not her true desire! I have another good friend who loves music and until she was able to incorporate her talent into her world, things seemed out of balance. I know story after story of people who just were not (or are not) right living a typical life void of their true desires. The second realization is that sometimes the desire is so strong, you must leave your current situation to pursue it. When you have big dreams, like colossal dreams, it takes a commitment to follow them. If my dreams weren't so big I'd still be teaching school - it was my first job out of college, it paid well and I had benefits, I liked the kids, it was cool BUT it wasn't my dream. This dream thing made it impossible for me to be comfortable not pursuing it. I feel as though I owe it to not only myself, but to the world to go after it. At this point it is like i have no choice but to follow my dreams.More...

The biggest realization is you will sometimes feel alone pursuing your dreams- hell, you may even BE alone! There are days when it seems as if no one understands me, my dreams or my struggles to achieve my dreams. I can isolate everyone and cut myself off from everything because I feel like I'm in this thing by myself. I know this is not the truth. I am lucky because most of the people I am closest to are dreamers as well. I relate to the most and love the most are people who are on a grind, unsatisfied with the status quo and who are pushing on toward the dreams they hold dear. They work hard and are "all in" for the dream - that thing that excites them like nothing else, keeps them up at night. Everyone has different dreams - some want to act, some want to write, some want to work in fashion, some want to advocate for the abused or downtrodden, some want to make the world "happily nappy," some want to preach, some want to make movies, some want to have a their own family, some want to care for the sick, some want to literally change the world. Whatever the dream, I hold a special place in my heart for the dreamer.

This is a big shoutout to the dreamer ... dreamers aren't always appreciated, especially when they hold a dream that's different than everyone else's. To all those dreamers with a special dream, I see you, I support you and I stand with you. When others scoff at you, brush it off and keep pursuing your thing! When you doubt yourself, shake it off and keep pushing. The only way to get over it is to go through it. Let's boldly face the unknown in search of our destiny.

Here are some quotes to help my fellow dreamers in pursuit of their heart's desire!

  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field, frozen with snow. – Langston Hughes
  • Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. – John Updike
  • I am consumed with the fear of failing. Reaching deep down and finding confidence has made all my dreams come true. – Arsenio Hall
  • It takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to attain new levels of experience. Someone with the courage to live his dreams. – Les Brown
  • At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable. – Christopher Reeve
  • Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. - Harriet Tubman
  • If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it. – William Arthur Ward
  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. – Henry David Thoreau
  • You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?" – George Bernard Shaw


I Changed My Mind ...

My Master Cleanse Experience

Pre MC day - I woke up with a weigh in then went to the store and got everything I needed. I went out to brunch with my friend and had grilled catfish and grits and Dante's version of a sangria. For dinner went to a great Latin restaurant called La Macarena (AMAZING!). Although I wanted to devour their carne asada, I took it easy and had a smaller entree. That night I had a detox tea.
Day 1 - woke up early and pumped for the cleanse. I started by reading books 1-15 of Psalms, meditation and affirmations and reading from "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life." For "breakfast" I had 32oz of salt water in about 3 big gulps. YUCK! I then made my first batch of the lemonade - it took about 6 lemons in my juicer to get 7 oz of lemon juice/pulp. I poured the lemon stuff, 7 oz of maple syrup and 2 liters of water. I sprinkled a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper into the pitcher of stuff. This was my entire meal allotment for the day. It actually tastes good - like a spicy lemonade. I won't bore you w/the gross details of what happened next - let's just say I spent some hours in the restroom. Around 6, I took a walk to the grocery store for more supplies (my 8oz maple syrup bottle was pretty much tapped out). That night I had more detox tea.
Day 2 - Tuesday was not so great to start. I woke up HUNGRY, but prayed through it. I got up and made my lemonade. In order to prevent boredom, I decided to work on my blog. This was some good work - learned some cool CSS stuff. I had more detox tea that night and then went out to see Rebirth. I don't know where the energy went but I went to bed hungry and very tired (at the club I was VERY tired and agitated; overly hot and had awkward movements).
Day 3 - Wednesday was cool. I wasn't hungry at all. I added a mild gall bladder cleanse to my routine (1/2 cup olive oil and juice of one lemon). This was gross but a welcome treat to my taste buds simply b/c it was something different than the lemonade. Next of course, I made the lemonade. That day I went back to the restaurant I used to work at when I first moved here and got my job back. That night I hung out with my friend to watch the eclipse, came home and shut it down.
Day 4 - Thursday not so great. I woke up shaking hungry. I couldn't focus on anything I had to read b/c my vision was slightly blurry. I tried to get over it but I couldn't really shake the shakes. I proceeded with my day and argued w/myself about if I'd eat or not. I researched Beyonce's experience with the cleanse and found she had eaten vegetables on her cleanse. I had a meeting at 5 - great meeting (more details on that later). After the meeting, I went to the restroom at the coffee shop. I was so dizzy I had to steady myself while squatting. At that point I decided without a doubt I had to eat. I went to the grocery store and got salad stuff (all organic). I talked to a friend who did the cleanse who said she only drank the lemonade from 8-5 then fresh salads at night for dinner. I recognized that I had power in this situation, the power to change my mind. I concluded the evening with the detox tea.
Day 5 - today I began the day with a weigh in (down 6 lbs). I still made my tea and will drink it throughout the day. Tonight I'm going ot to dinner and will have grilled fish and veggies type meal. And I'm okay with that.
Instead of focusing on the fact I didn't finish 10 days, I'm more focused on the fact I had 3 great days of that cleanse and now I'll enjoy the remaining days of a modified cleanse that works for me. I'll share the results of days 5-10 later but I'm not the least bit upset anymore. After all, John Lilly said, "Our only security is our ability to change."


Feeling Some Kind of Way?

Tonight is a pretty big astrological event. It is a lunar eclipse! It should look like this picture here but that's not set in stone. In astrology news it is a pretty big deal because it is the third eclipse this season (there are usually just two; the last eclipse happened to be on my birthday). There is a lot to said about what can/will occur on eclipse days. One thing is for sure, today and tomorrow might be emotional, so buckle up and enjoy the ride! (For more information on the eclipse click here.)


New Month, New Mission

Ahhh, August 2009. How quickly this year is flying by!!! I'm really excited about this month. I've got so many projects going (in my head) and it is time to get them going. Something feels good about August - it always feels good at this time of year. Maybe it is because I'm used to the going back to school season (I attended 13 years of school, then 4 years of college, then taught school, then worked at a university, then went to law school for 3 years so I'm pretty conditioned to the "new year" starting in August.)
I've been feeling so unclear and confused as to how to proceed with my life. I decided to go on a mind, body and spirit cleanse. August is all about opening myself up for what is to come. I'm doing the 10 day master cleanse. I've incorporated prayer and meditation w/the cleanse. I read 15 chapters of Psalms daily, "Science of Mind" and Wayne Dyer's "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". I do affirmations in the morning and journal throughout the day, and take a 30 minute walk w/Joel Osteen and Marianne Williamson podcasts in the evening. (I'm even working while I sleep. I read about this process of asking the Universe a question at night and receiving your answer in your dreams. First thing you do in the AM is record what happened in your dreams.) After that 10 days, I plan to incorporate other methods of prayer/meditation (I learned this great concept 70x7 where you say an intention 70 times a day for a week). In regards to my career, I recognize I'm at a point where I need some help. It is pretty out of character for me to seek help because I'm so independent, but this time I did. I'm meeting this week with several folks: one organization helps small business owners become equipped for their endeavors and the other is someone I think is going to be pretty influential in my goals (more to come later).
As you can tell, I'm pretty excited! I know some big things are about to happen this month and I'm going to be ready! Speaking of big things happening this month, shout outs to two of my favorite K's: Happy Early Bday Karla and *Kay!!!!


Girls' Night - Houston Edition

If it is one thing I love it is girls' night. It is a special time to bond with your girls - hang out and catch up. I take girls' night seriously ... some might say I'm anal about it. When I host a girls' night, I plan the meal and ask that people get there on time. I plan activities and have courses to the meal. I take pride in girls' nights and last week when I went to Houston, I was invited to a girls' night done the way I do, and it was exactly what I needed.
Every year I take a trip with my best friend from law school. This year a trip didn't work out for me b/c I'm supposed to be saving. Since I haven't gone on ANY trips this year, I jumped at the chance to drive my little sister home to Houston. I told my law school friend I was coming and since she recently bought a house in Richmond, she invited me over for a girls' night (of course, she sent a lovely evite instead of just saying come through!). It was my first time seeing her new place and I was greeted with such hospitality. She began the evening with a tour of her fab-o house, then we had wine and appetizers on the outside porch. We came in for a great dinner (5 meat spaghetti prepared by her boo; a great salad, garlic bread) and dessert (great mini cupcakes that ate too many of!!!). And of course there was WINE!!!
It was so good to catch up with my girls in Houston. Throughout my week there I hung out with various sets of friends at various spots but it was so good to be invited into the home of a friend! It made me so grateful for the fact that I have real and true girlfriends. It is so necessary!

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