Sneak Peak

Next week I'm introducing a new feature to the blog. It is called "She Makes Me Wanna ...". So often women don't celebrate the greatness of other women. We get so caught up in drama and foolishness sometimes (I mean look at every reality show w/all women and you probably tune in for the over the top dramatics). I have done my share of participating in the silliness and pettiness, but where I applaud myself is in the celebrating of great things that women are doing to inspire one another! My new feature will give glimpses into the lives of some women doing things I admire. Things that make me wanna ...

So check back on Monday for the first installment of the latest feature!

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princessdominique said...

Powerful. I think that's a powerful feature. I'm following you on Twitter. This rocks. I'm going in to read it right now. You rock!

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