I Changed My Mind ...

My Master Cleanse Experience

Pre MC day - I woke up with a weigh in then went to the store and got everything I needed. I went out to brunch with my friend and had grilled catfish and grits and Dante's version of a sangria. For dinner went to a great Latin restaurant called La Macarena (AMAZING!). Although I wanted to devour their carne asada, I took it easy and had a smaller entree. That night I had a detox tea.
Day 1 - woke up early and pumped for the cleanse. I started by reading books 1-15 of Psalms, meditation and affirmations and reading from "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life." For "breakfast" I had 32oz of salt water in about 3 big gulps. YUCK! I then made my first batch of the lemonade - it took about 6 lemons in my juicer to get 7 oz of lemon juice/pulp. I poured the lemon stuff, 7 oz of maple syrup and 2 liters of water. I sprinkled a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper into the pitcher of stuff. This was my entire meal allotment for the day. It actually tastes good - like a spicy lemonade. I won't bore you w/the gross details of what happened next - let's just say I spent some hours in the restroom. Around 6, I took a walk to the grocery store for more supplies (my 8oz maple syrup bottle was pretty much tapped out). That night I had more detox tea.
Day 2 - Tuesday was not so great to start. I woke up HUNGRY, but prayed through it. I got up and made my lemonade. In order to prevent boredom, I decided to work on my blog. This was some good work - learned some cool CSS stuff. I had more detox tea that night and then went out to see Rebirth. I don't know where the energy went but I went to bed hungry and very tired (at the club I was VERY tired and agitated; overly hot and had awkward movements).
Day 3 - Wednesday was cool. I wasn't hungry at all. I added a mild gall bladder cleanse to my routine (1/2 cup olive oil and juice of one lemon). This was gross but a welcome treat to my taste buds simply b/c it was something different than the lemonade. Next of course, I made the lemonade. That day I went back to the restaurant I used to work at when I first moved here and got my job back. That night I hung out with my friend to watch the eclipse, came home and shut it down.
Day 4 - Thursday not so great. I woke up shaking hungry. I couldn't focus on anything I had to read b/c my vision was slightly blurry. I tried to get over it but I couldn't really shake the shakes. I proceeded with my day and argued w/myself about if I'd eat or not. I researched Beyonce's experience with the cleanse and found she had eaten vegetables on her cleanse. I had a meeting at 5 - great meeting (more details on that later). After the meeting, I went to the restroom at the coffee shop. I was so dizzy I had to steady myself while squatting. At that point I decided without a doubt I had to eat. I went to the grocery store and got salad stuff (all organic). I talked to a friend who did the cleanse who said she only drank the lemonade from 8-5 then fresh salads at night for dinner. I recognized that I had power in this situation, the power to change my mind. I concluded the evening with the detox tea.
Day 5 - today I began the day with a weigh in (down 6 lbs). I still made my tea and will drink it throughout the day. Tonight I'm going ot to dinner and will have grilled fish and veggies type meal. And I'm okay with that.
Instead of focusing on the fact I didn't finish 10 days, I'm more focused on the fact I had 3 great days of that cleanse and now I'll enjoy the remaining days of a modified cleanse that works for me. I'll share the results of days 5-10 later but I'm not the least bit upset anymore. After all, John Lilly said, "Our only security is our ability to change."

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