Where Am I This Time?

So last week I had a fight with ATT home phone service. We had a disagreement two months in a row regarding charges to my bill. The customer service rep got on my nerves so badly that I told her disconnect my service. Shortly after I was pretty sad - I love to wake up, go online and then blog. I decided this could be a blessing in disguise. In addition to saving $50 every month, I'm now forced to get out of the house when I want to use the web. This can be great because now my writing can be more organic-using the various surroundings to help formulate my thoughts. Furthermore, no web at home forces me to use my resources (afterall I do have an IPhone so some posts as the one you are reading, can come from my phone! Now I'm a roaming blogger! You never know where I'll be sharing my OMG stories from!

1 comment:

Kendra said...

The application on the iPhone works pretty good. I used it a few times. I love the positive energy you made from the decision to cut the service! Way to go, Davida!

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