She Is So Bad Azz!

If it is one thing I love it is amazing dance sequences and performances. It used to be such a big deal to me to see the latest video of my favorite artists. If they were performing at an awards show, me and my friends would make plans just to tune in. Tonight my friend gave me a call - we were catching up on TV when she told me that Shakira had a new video. I was super excited. I LOVE SHAKIRA! I am not the biggest fan of music in different languages b/c I don't know what the artist is trying to convey. Shakira is the exception because the first time I saw her dance, I didn't have to know what she was saying because I knew from her expressions and gyrations exactly what she meant! So I go to youtube to catch "SheWolf" her latest video - THE BOMB! I took a belly dancing class because of Shakira and let me tell you, her moves are quite difficult! Enjoy the video "SheWolf". And since we're on the subject, check my favorite video of hers as well! ("Tango" goes so hard! If you saw her on the MTV awards that year, it was quite possibly the sexiest performance ever on their stage! Unfortunately I couldn't find the clip on line. If you can email it to me!!!)

Shakira - She Wolf official video music
by andrexfriends

Shakira - Objection (Tango)
by thegirljenny23


kenge said...

OMG! love it.

kay* said...

i LOVE shakira. have loved her for years! she made me want to take belly dancing too! her dance moves are SO sexy - the way she moves?!?!? insane.

have you seen the video for...oh gosh...the duet with the other colombian guy...the black oil over her body...darn it can't remember the name!

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