Girls' Night - Houston Edition

If it is one thing I love it is girls' night. It is a special time to bond with your girls - hang out and catch up. I take girls' night seriously ... some might say I'm anal about it. When I host a girls' night, I plan the meal and ask that people get there on time. I plan activities and have courses to the meal. I take pride in girls' nights and last week when I went to Houston, I was invited to a girls' night done the way I do, and it was exactly what I needed.
Every year I take a trip with my best friend from law school. This year a trip didn't work out for me b/c I'm supposed to be saving. Since I haven't gone on ANY trips this year, I jumped at the chance to drive my little sister home to Houston. I told my law school friend I was coming and since she recently bought a house in Richmond, she invited me over for a girls' night (of course, she sent a lovely evite instead of just saying come through!). It was my first time seeing her new place and I was greeted with such hospitality. She began the evening with a tour of her fab-o house, then we had wine and appetizers on the outside porch. We came in for a great dinner (5 meat spaghetti prepared by her boo; a great salad, garlic bread) and dessert (great mini cupcakes that ate too many of!!!). And of course there was WINE!!!
It was so good to catch up with my girls in Houston. Throughout my week there I hung out with various sets of friends at various spots but it was so good to be invited into the home of a friend! It made me so grateful for the fact that I have real and true girlfriends. It is so necessary!

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Kacy said...

It was a pleasure and I had SO much fun with you ladies!!! :) ... btw - loooove the new format!

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