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I Got It From My Granny ...

There are few things in my life that are routine. A consistent thing for me has been Saturday morning phone conversations with my Granny. This began years ago when I moved to Indiana. I give her a call every Saturday morning to catch up on what's happening in her world. Sometimes the calls make me sad - my Granny is in touch w/everyone's lives in our families so sometimes her conversation is filled with the doom and gloom of what's happening (who died, who got into a wreck, who got arrested, who got divorced, etc). Sometimes that conversation is so upbeat (who got married, who had a baby, who lost weight and looks great now, etc.). Regardless of what we discuss, it always leaves me grateful that we share the relationship that we do. That's my girl!

This past Saturday we had a interesting conversation. First of all she told me about her Friday night - my Granny says she has no life but she is always out and about. So on Friday her aunt had a birthday and they all went out to dinner then her fav spot, the casino. Apparently they had fun because she didn't get home until midnight! We laughed because after she told me about her night she asked about mine and I told her the truth - that I spent the evening reading at Borders. I wasn't feeling going out but didn't want to stay in so I went to finish a book I'd been reading. She thought that was so funny.

The "good" part of our conversation was about a phone call she'd received. Long story short, the first boy she ever went on a date with called her out of the blue. This was someone she hasn't seen in forever and he just called to talk. They talked a few nights in a row - she said he lived in some northern state which slips my mind now. Having just seen "The Notebook", I immediately began to think OMG, what if this is her long lost love? What if they had something so special and timeless? What if, what if, what if? I expressed my overly excited questions and she told me something I felt I should remember ...

"Every man is not Mr. Right - even at my age. You have to have discernment in matters of love. You can't make some spark be there just because you are alone. Loneliness will make you do crazy things, you better get un-lonely. No one wants a lonely woman."

I was like ok wow! That spoke so much to how I operate in love - I love the idea of love and being in a relationship but sometimes I do make decisions based on loneliness or fear of loneliness instead of how I feel deep down inside. I love my Granny's candor and the lessons I get to learn from her experience. She drops the knowledge ...


The Music Never Dies ...


28 Days

WARNING: This is a rather long post and speaks of some of my deep seated personal beliefs.
In 28 days I will turn 33 years old. (Yes I know I don't look a day of 24!) This is an incredible time and such a significant year in my life - I can just feel it! Here's some background. I'm a novice student of astrology and numerology. I read a lot on the material and have had several readings to get a deeper understanding of the science as well as how it relates specifically to me. I've also been on a spiritual quest if you will to learn more about myself. So this birthday is extremely significant in all of those regards. (NOTE: I'm not suggesting anyone else believe as I do, but you have to admit there are some "coincidences" in this year's birthday ...and I don't believe in random coincidence!)
Astrologically: This year it is rare that there are two full moons in Cancer. The first was on June 21 and there is a second new moon that falls on my birthday. This new moon is amazing b/c it is also a full solar eclipse (and the good folk of Asia will be able to view it!). Solar Eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. Events that are triggered by an eclipse usually take six months to unfold, and special opportunities to break old patterns become apparent. Metamorphosis is another word associated with eclipses. Because the eclipse falls dab smack on my birthday (depending on your time zone), this indicates I will be strongly affected.
Numerologically: When you add up your birthday to a single digit, you come up w/your birthnumber. Some people get a double digit number (11, 22, 33) and have to reduce that to a single digit. My number is 33. There is a certain formula you use to come up with your birthnumber to determine your year number and that new year cycle starts on each birthday. You guessed it, my birthnumber is 33 and this year I move into a 3 year cycle. Turning 33 w/a birthnumber of 33 is pretty exciting. (Those who know the nature of the business I'm creating will see how interesting this dynamic is for what I'm trying to accomplish!)

As a lesson, the "master number" 33 is the number of compassion. It is
called the Christ vibration and requires self-sacrifice, courage and unwavering
commitment to reform , truth and healing. You are on a "mission", and other
teachers will learn from your honesty, discipline and bravery. You are here to
provide sustenance for the hungry, whether it be through food, beauty,
education, ministry or medicine. Yours is the path of "savior". Moving into a 3 cycle indicates: This is a happy, carefree time of life, where free self-expression is ideal. Friends and social activities grow, and much assistance will be found here. Artistic endeavors and any possible use of words, spoken, written, or sung, are richly rewarded during this cycle. Your appearance is important to you now.

Spiritually: When studying the history of Christ, he was around 33 when he ministered to the world and met his cruxifition. Am I comparing myself to the most high Christ? No, I am recognizing the Christ consciousness within me (which lives in us all but that's a different conversation). It just makes me feel like this is the time to step into my own and when I look to Christ as the example, look at how much he accomplished when he stepped into HIS own!
This time is so interesting and amazing to me. In preparation for my birthday, I've decided to really concentrate on who it is I am and what it is I want from my life because I truly believe this is the time for me to realize my true path and destiny. I have come up with a list of things I want to do during this period to really solidify my intention of stepping into my own. I figure if I share these intentions with the blogverse, I'll be more likely to stick with it! So here goes:
  1. During the next 28 days I'm not going to work (like at a job job; I'll be doing PLENTY of self work). I've saved enough money to carry me for a couple of months (not much room for extras) and I'm going to let the universe support me. I am going to allow myself this time to really spend time w/myself and my thoughts to see what it is I truly desire.
  2. Each day will start w/my spiritual practice of meditation, yoga, journaling and affirmations.
  3. At night, I'll end the day with gratitude and prayer.
  4. I'll consistently exercise - 3x's a week. This is not just to look good during my transition, but to get the energy moving from just being stuck in my head.
  5. I'm taking a month long course called Astrology, Archetypes and Soul Retrieval. It is four Saturdays and I'm committing to attending and doing the work associated with.
  6. I'm going to read more - rereading "The Alchemist" is a must but first I'm going to wrap up the four or so other books I'm reading first.
  7. I'm going to keep a journal of my dreams consistently during this time - I'm a believer that signs and symbols show up in our dreams and I want to pay close attention.
  8. I'll be eating only nourishing foods - I won't say I'm on a diet but I will say I'm staying away from things I know to be bad for me (fast food, excess sugar, soda, etc).
  9. I'll be drinking an abundance of water and green tea.
  10. I'm giving up the green - for 28 days no more "golden times of day" for me. I need to be clear on what's happening so I've packed up my stashes of "stuff" until after the bday. (If you know what I'm referring to good, if not please don't ask.)
  11. My alcohol consumption will be limited to wine.
  12. I feel it is necessary to approach this time w/a cleansing attitude so I'll be cleaning my space - getting rid of things unnecessary and no longer useful.
  13. I'm going to see a doctor for my annual checkup.
  14. I'm seeing a dentist for my 6 month cleaning.
  15. I need to switch my voter registration here to NOLA.
  16. Once a week, I'm going to spend time writing near the river. I love being around water and feel so inspired when I am so once a week, I'm going to get up and get close to the water with my journal and let what comes up come out. (I also desire to drive to the beach at some point but we'll see how that pans out.)
  17. I'm launching my business - during this month, you'll see my new business unfold (it is so close to finish, I can not wait to share!).
  18. I'm making dates with myself - I think it is highly necessary to spend time alone with myself during this time.
  19. I'm going on a letter writing campaign to 33 of my friends and family members who have really helped shape and support me.
  20. I'm letting go of reality TV. This is by far the hardest thing. Instead I'll spend my TV time watching movies. Particularly classics and documentaries.

I realize this is a hefty list but I think it is so necessary in the unfoldment of who I am. Unlike in the past, I'm not on a mission to chance myself, but rather reveal who I already am. I want to know me, appreciate me and celebrate me. I want to love myself the way my friends do and I'm willing to put in the time and effort. I'm extremely excited about the things to come and I hope you'll stick around for the journey!



Okay readers, today it is your turn to share. The old saying goes,

If you love something let it go,
If it comes back to you it's yours,
If it doesn't, it never was.

Question: Have you ever let something go and have it come back (this applies to someone's too)? Was that return positive? Please let me know your thoughts on this statement.


Dante's Kitchen

I mentioned last week I would be adding new features to my blog. The first is "NOLA Baybee." I am relatively new to New Orleans and am in constantly falling more in love with this city. I find gems all the time and I want to share my finds here on my blog ... afterall, my time in the city is clearly adding to the stories of DaVida Chanel right?

So w/o further ado, my first find is Dante's Kitchen. I am a fan of food. I love to eat. One issue I had in L.A. was the lack of really good food. True enough, I did have fav restaurants there but it was different - here people appreciate food. It is a big deal - good food, good friends and good fun are staples of many activities in New Orleans whereas dinner in L.A. was more of a backdrop. Portions were small and much less affordable. I went to Dante's w/my friend and his girlfriend for brunch on Sunday was most pleased.

We arrived around 1:45ish and brunch ends at 2. The hostess was super kind and let us know that we'd have a table soon. We went to the small bar which had a host of cutesy cocktail choices. I stuck w/the mimosa - what else to order on Sunday at brunch right? Upon viewing the menu, I made the decision that I would go all out! No worries here about calories. I ordered the shrimp and grits as well as the breadpudding French toast. My friend's girl ordered eggs Benedict and he got the shrimp and grits as well. We were a happy bunch! LOL! I ate ALL of my food and was well pleased. I think Dante's offers an amazing brunch and from the way my friend's spoke, it has an awesome dinner menu as well. If you ever find yourself in search of a great brunch, Dante's is a must try. The only thing not so great is that due to the weather eating outside was not an option.

Look at this beautiful courtyard, too bad it was too humid to even consider. (I guess that's what I miss most about L.A. - outside dining makes me smile!)


Like Really?!?!

So I'm at home for the first time in weeks. I am super stoked because I get to lay up and do my favorite weekend activity - catch up on reality TV. I'm flipping through and since Bravo is showing the New Jersey Housewives I do not like and I'm not really feeling E!'s disappearance/murder type show, I decide to see what's happening on MTV. I passed BET on the way and saw that College Hill was on. I had not seen any episodes so I decided to tune in. Why not? The first season was shot at my alma matter, Southern University. Since this season is shot in my favorite American city, I decided to watch.
Like Really!?!?!
Hours later, I'm deep into the series (it is like a marathon day I guess).
This is a HOT mess - HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT MESS!!!! Now since I graduated an HBCU, I am kind of disgruntled about a few things. Here are my issues:
  • Do ANY of these kids go to school? WELL I don't know because after several hours no one has gone to class or mentioned their campus life (in the opening credits, one kid is posing in front of what looks like a college). They live in some South Beach mansion and are never shown on campus, discussing campus or doing anything campus-related. Why would you do a show called "College Hill" w/no college stuff being shown?
  • Why is it that people don't recognize when they have EVERYTHING in common w/someone else? Two of the girls have an argument that to the best of my knowledge is simply about which one is hotter ... The main contention from both sides is I don't like her because she thinks she's all that. Really?!?!? BOTH of you think you are ALL that. You both do pageants and apparently are good at them. Why can't they bond on their commonalities instead of attack the other for being the same way? They have a fight and one gets kicked out for the season (NOT the one who threw the first punch by the way). After the one girl's departure, the house really divides ... which brings me to my next point:
  • Which is my FIRST point - when the heck do they go to school!?!?! If they were in class sometimes maybe they wouldn't have so much freakin' time to be so silly.
  • Okay - Kyle. He's a lot. The major thing that stands out about him to me is that he's so afraid of being ridiculed that he picks on others to bond w/people (he's a college-aged young black man that is gay and who has a "dope-fiend" father-I'm sure he faces adversity). He is the MAIN instigator in a lot of the house's drama. It is as if his attitude is let me gang up on someone before people gang up on me. He's a jerk. Loud and instigating. Aggravating. Once again someone whose energy would be well-spent in class or pursuing some sort of talent in an activity he can pursue in college.
  • The episode I'm watching now is about the introduction of the "new girl" who replaced the girl who was kicked out for fighting. This new girl just walks in and is immediately attacked for no other reason than she is new. REALLY?!?!? This young lady was super excited and eager for the opportunity she signed up for and I see that opportunity of having a good time being taken away from her. Now, this part did make me think of my college experience. I remember being a part of organizations (sororities, student government, social groups) and I must admit we were not always so welcoming to "new people". Nor do I remember being particularly welcomed into any of these groups. I can only speak for me, but as a "member" of any of those groups, I stood on some imaginary laurels to keep people out. I felt like I should keep folks out of what I fought so hard to get into ... those memories kind of suck - why is it so hard to step into new situations? Is it us just reflecting what was done to us at some point? I wish I would have been stronger and approached letting other folk into "my" stuff w/more openness (instead of feeling like if I didn't like someone they might not be good enough to get into MY group). The sad part is I feel this type of behavior is still happening around us in the "real" world.
  • For the first time today, I just heard one person say she was grateful for this opportunity ... shouldn't they ALL be!?!? You are on TV and tons of young people watch your life and imagine if they were in your place. AND you signed up for it so you must have wanted this experience! Be grateful kids!!!
  • Why does one guy get so mad that he wants to fight. I get that. What I don't get is why he has to take his clothes off to do so? I've wanted to fight quite a few times and kept my clothes on - I don't get it.
  • Overall I am not impressed with this show - mostly because I don't feel the title applies since I never see the kids attend college. But I do think it does reveal some life issues and I can see why it is entertaining. I'd like to just throw out there that if a show aimed at young people who may be considering college is called College Hill, it may be beneficial to talk about the actual college experience.

But I still haven't turned the channel. And that is what watching a day of not so great reality TV will do for you ...


Under Construction

I'm going to be making some changes to my blog space next week. Actually I'm planning an overhaul to my entire blog format ... I'm done working on this movie on Friday so I'm going to take a few weeks to get some things going and my web presence is of utmost importance. I've decided to go after an endeavor that I feel I was led to. I'm starting my own business. WOW! That felt good to type. A better statement is I'm ready to unveil my business - it is technically started. I'm not ready to share more at this time, but will disclose more in the coming weeks. In an effort to support my business, I'll be spending more time on my blog. Look forward to weekly features and a different look. I'm really excited and hope you'll stick around for the unveiling. Also, if you don't already, please become a follower of my blog. I additionally ask that if you like what you read here, please tell a friend. Thank you for your continued support and readership and I am so excited to bring you more good stories soon!!!!


Whose Hair Is This Anyway?

Moving back to Louisiana has been an adjustment in many, many ways. One of the most interesting has been my hair. I grew up in Louisiana, so I've known humidity. My hair is REALLY thick so it never really posed that big of a problem for me. I used to get a relaxer when I lived here and I'd only experience issues when I tried to go too long without the crack in a jar perm. Even on the worse days, there has always been one hairstyle I could rock no matter the weather or amount of new growth. That style is a roller set. This style can last at least seven days (which was what I needed since I am getting my hair done on Saturday). I've rocked it with chin length bobs or with my super long locks. Today out in the random town of Raceland, the humidity was a beast and my hair fell something ridiculous! This makes me confused as to what to do next with my hair. I currently have a texturizer. When in California's climate, I got this chemical service once a year. My last service was in December and right now I am at a loss for control of my hair. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. As I said I have an appointment on Saturday - which is the day before my photo shoot so I want to make a decision that won't flop hours later because I obviously need my hair to be banging like it usually is! Ahhh, what I'm I to do with this head of hair that feels so foreign to me!
P.S. On another note, the hair might be challenged but do you see that body!!! That working out/eating right thing has been paying off!!!

DIY Project: Jewelry Stand

A while ago, I visited a friend from church's home. She had tons of cute eclectic stuff. My favorite item was her jewelry stand. She had taken a window screen and used it for her earrings, necklaces and the like. I was using a little plastic box to store my jewelry which meant I often had mix matched items, lost items and tangled necklaces. I do keep my "good" jewelry in nicer storage but my day to day stuff, is not that impressive. I decided to give the window screen jewelry holder a try, what do you think?


Seeking A Girlfriend

I love my girlfriends. I have been blessed with the truest, coolest and most supportive friends a girl could ask for. If I have one complaint about them it is that none of them live HERE! I miss them so much! And now it is a lot harder to see them since life is setting in - with the demands of work, new marriages, new babies, new home purchases, etc, I don't get to see them or speak to them as much as I used to. While I don't plan on replacing my friends, I find myself longing to do things that girlfriends do - shopping, going out to eat, spa days, talking about boys ... I miss those times the most. If I didn't think it would attract crazy people, I'd put an ad on craigslist ...


Looking for a female 27-35 to befriend a super cool girl, ME; open minded, creative type interested in growing into a better person; must be into going out to eat, seeing movies, spending days at the spa, working out, meditation/yoga and shopping (window shopping perfect); must not be crazy or into single white female type stuff; must enjoy shallow convo but be a deep person interested in a variety of activities. Will consider married ladies but typically looking for a single friend to hang out, spend time with and enjoy New Orleans activities.

Saturday Night Live

Yesterday was an interesting day. I home from work around 5 am. I slept until around 11:30 (I had a brow appointment at 12:30 and couldn't miss since I have my big photo shoot next Sunday - details to come). After the brows, I did a little shopping but was very tired. I came home and slept from around 2:30 until 8 pm. I really wanted sushi and my friend I had loose plans with was not answering. I decided to get dressed up and take myself out to dinner. I have no problems eating alone, but didn't want to be by myself last night. When I was about to park at a sushi spot close to come, my friend was calling me to meet at this place called Wasabi. Dinner was great - really cool spot, unpretentious, good drinks - great time!

Afterwards we decided to get out for a bit and hear some music. We went to a bar called d.b.a. and Little Freddy King was playing - GOOD stuff. I got the blues! LOL! After we went to another bar called The Dragon's Den where a cutesy girl band called "The Local Skank" was playing. They closed their show with a song called, "That Girl Is A Whore".

Good good times and fun on a Saturday night :)


He's The Truth

I love Kobe Bryant. I have since I saw him play in the McDonald's All Star game. I think he's THE TRUTH and I think people don't like him because of his attitude. Regardless of his personality, he is THE BEST in the game. And Weezy has put my thoughts into lyrics. Click here to hear.

This is his year!


Never Say Never

I had a long list of I never's ...
  • I'll never move back to Louisiana - if I have to live in Po Dunk, Michigan, it is better than going home.
  • I don't ever see myself as owning my own business - I just don't have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • I'll never not have a 9-5 - I need the consistency of a "regular" job and the benefits it brings.
  • Are you kidding, me accept the fact I'm not in a relationship? If I accept that I'll be alone forever and I want to be in love.
  • I don't know about that meditation stuff - I'll never get into that.

And the list goes on and on.

I have realized that life presents us with opportunities to grow and prosper in ways we "never" would imagine for ourselves. We place ourselves in boxes based on what others believe. Our small self images also place us in self created boxes that limit us and limit our potential.

This year has forced me to take a look at my entire self - even the parts I banned by using the word "never". I have not worked a "regular" job since October of last year but miraculously I am ok and getting my finances in order. I moved back to Louisiana and I didn't die (I always thought I would literally fall out and die if I had to be back here). I'm starting a business - ME! My business - not one where I sought out someone I admired and badgered them for a job. This is my baby - actually bigger than that. It is like I'm being led by something deep, deep inside of me (stay tuned for the big reveal - target date July 1). I found this deep, deep place within me through the art of meditation - another thing I've always been leery of. I always thought meditation was some crap the New Ager's came up with - now I think I'm one of those New Ager's.

Life is a very interesting thing. I've found with me the things I said I'd never do are the very things that drive me the most. I'm living in the moment (something I thought was for the unambitious people who just didn't want to work). I'm recognizing my strengths for myself. I'm allowing things to just be. I NEVER say this coming.

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