Never Say Never

I had a long list of I never's ...
  • I'll never move back to Louisiana - if I have to live in Po Dunk, Michigan, it is better than going home.
  • I don't ever see myself as owning my own business - I just don't have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • I'll never not have a 9-5 - I need the consistency of a "regular" job and the benefits it brings.
  • Are you kidding, me accept the fact I'm not in a relationship? If I accept that I'll be alone forever and I want to be in love.
  • I don't know about that meditation stuff - I'll never get into that.

And the list goes on and on.

I have realized that life presents us with opportunities to grow and prosper in ways we "never" would imagine for ourselves. We place ourselves in boxes based on what others believe. Our small self images also place us in self created boxes that limit us and limit our potential.

This year has forced me to take a look at my entire self - even the parts I banned by using the word "never". I have not worked a "regular" job since October of last year but miraculously I am ok and getting my finances in order. I moved back to Louisiana and I didn't die (I always thought I would literally fall out and die if I had to be back here). I'm starting a business - ME! My business - not one where I sought out someone I admired and badgered them for a job. This is my baby - actually bigger than that. It is like I'm being led by something deep, deep inside of me (stay tuned for the big reveal - target date July 1). I found this deep, deep place within me through the art of meditation - another thing I've always been leery of. I always thought meditation was some crap the New Ager's came up with - now I think I'm one of those New Ager's.

Life is a very interesting thing. I've found with me the things I said I'd never do are the very things that drive me the most. I'm living in the moment (something I thought was for the unambitious people who just didn't want to work). I'm recognizing my strengths for myself. I'm allowing things to just be. I NEVER say this coming.

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