28 Days

WARNING: This is a rather long post and speaks of some of my deep seated personal beliefs.
In 28 days I will turn 33 years old. (Yes I know I don't look a day of 24!) This is an incredible time and such a significant year in my life - I can just feel it! Here's some background. I'm a novice student of astrology and numerology. I read a lot on the material and have had several readings to get a deeper understanding of the science as well as how it relates specifically to me. I've also been on a spiritual quest if you will to learn more about myself. So this birthday is extremely significant in all of those regards. (NOTE: I'm not suggesting anyone else believe as I do, but you have to admit there are some "coincidences" in this year's birthday ...and I don't believe in random coincidence!)
Astrologically: This year it is rare that there are two full moons in Cancer. The first was on June 21 and there is a second new moon that falls on my birthday. This new moon is amazing b/c it is also a full solar eclipse (and the good folk of Asia will be able to view it!). Solar Eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. Events that are triggered by an eclipse usually take six months to unfold, and special opportunities to break old patterns become apparent. Metamorphosis is another word associated with eclipses. Because the eclipse falls dab smack on my birthday (depending on your time zone), this indicates I will be strongly affected.
Numerologically: When you add up your birthday to a single digit, you come up w/your birthnumber. Some people get a double digit number (11, 22, 33) and have to reduce that to a single digit. My number is 33. There is a certain formula you use to come up with your birthnumber to determine your year number and that new year cycle starts on each birthday. You guessed it, my birthnumber is 33 and this year I move into a 3 year cycle. Turning 33 w/a birthnumber of 33 is pretty exciting. (Those who know the nature of the business I'm creating will see how interesting this dynamic is for what I'm trying to accomplish!)

As a lesson, the "master number" 33 is the number of compassion. It is
called the Christ vibration and requires self-sacrifice, courage and unwavering
commitment to reform , truth and healing. You are on a "mission", and other
teachers will learn from your honesty, discipline and bravery. You are here to
provide sustenance for the hungry, whether it be through food, beauty,
education, ministry or medicine. Yours is the path of "savior". Moving into a 3 cycle indicates: This is a happy, carefree time of life, where free self-expression is ideal. Friends and social activities grow, and much assistance will be found here. Artistic endeavors and any possible use of words, spoken, written, or sung, are richly rewarded during this cycle. Your appearance is important to you now.

Spiritually: When studying the history of Christ, he was around 33 when he ministered to the world and met his cruxifition. Am I comparing myself to the most high Christ? No, I am recognizing the Christ consciousness within me (which lives in us all but that's a different conversation). It just makes me feel like this is the time to step into my own and when I look to Christ as the example, look at how much he accomplished when he stepped into HIS own!
This time is so interesting and amazing to me. In preparation for my birthday, I've decided to really concentrate on who it is I am and what it is I want from my life because I truly believe this is the time for me to realize my true path and destiny. I have come up with a list of things I want to do during this period to really solidify my intention of stepping into my own. I figure if I share these intentions with the blogverse, I'll be more likely to stick with it! So here goes:
  1. During the next 28 days I'm not going to work (like at a job job; I'll be doing PLENTY of self work). I've saved enough money to carry me for a couple of months (not much room for extras) and I'm going to let the universe support me. I am going to allow myself this time to really spend time w/myself and my thoughts to see what it is I truly desire.
  2. Each day will start w/my spiritual practice of meditation, yoga, journaling and affirmations.
  3. At night, I'll end the day with gratitude and prayer.
  4. I'll consistently exercise - 3x's a week. This is not just to look good during my transition, but to get the energy moving from just being stuck in my head.
  5. I'm taking a month long course called Astrology, Archetypes and Soul Retrieval. It is four Saturdays and I'm committing to attending and doing the work associated with.
  6. I'm going to read more - rereading "The Alchemist" is a must but first I'm going to wrap up the four or so other books I'm reading first.
  7. I'm going to keep a journal of my dreams consistently during this time - I'm a believer that signs and symbols show up in our dreams and I want to pay close attention.
  8. I'll be eating only nourishing foods - I won't say I'm on a diet but I will say I'm staying away from things I know to be bad for me (fast food, excess sugar, soda, etc).
  9. I'll be drinking an abundance of water and green tea.
  10. I'm giving up the green - for 28 days no more "golden times of day" for me. I need to be clear on what's happening so I've packed up my stashes of "stuff" until after the bday. (If you know what I'm referring to good, if not please don't ask.)
  11. My alcohol consumption will be limited to wine.
  12. I feel it is necessary to approach this time w/a cleansing attitude so I'll be cleaning my space - getting rid of things unnecessary and no longer useful.
  13. I'm going to see a doctor for my annual checkup.
  14. I'm seeing a dentist for my 6 month cleaning.
  15. I need to switch my voter registration here to NOLA.
  16. Once a week, I'm going to spend time writing near the river. I love being around water and feel so inspired when I am so once a week, I'm going to get up and get close to the water with my journal and let what comes up come out. (I also desire to drive to the beach at some point but we'll see how that pans out.)
  17. I'm launching my business - during this month, you'll see my new business unfold (it is so close to finish, I can not wait to share!).
  18. I'm making dates with myself - I think it is highly necessary to spend time alone with myself during this time.
  19. I'm going on a letter writing campaign to 33 of my friends and family members who have really helped shape and support me.
  20. I'm letting go of reality TV. This is by far the hardest thing. Instead I'll spend my TV time watching movies. Particularly classics and documentaries.

I realize this is a hefty list but I think it is so necessary in the unfoldment of who I am. Unlike in the past, I'm not on a mission to chance myself, but rather reveal who I already am. I want to know me, appreciate me and celebrate me. I want to love myself the way my friends do and I'm willing to put in the time and effort. I'm extremely excited about the things to come and I hope you'll stick around for the journey!


My @ tha Hotness said...

Many blessings on your journey over the next 28 days. I loved the Alchemist.

Josey said...

I am super excited to see what you discover. Maybe now you'll finally believe us when we tell you how amazing you are! Lots of love on this journey of self.

kay* said...

wow. i'm so excited for you and definitely will be reading along for your journey. i can't wait to read what new things you learn.

i'm currently re-reading the alchemist ;)

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