Like Really?!?!

So I'm at home for the first time in weeks. I am super stoked because I get to lay up and do my favorite weekend activity - catch up on reality TV. I'm flipping through and since Bravo is showing the New Jersey Housewives I do not like and I'm not really feeling E!'s disappearance/murder type show, I decide to see what's happening on MTV. I passed BET on the way and saw that College Hill was on. I had not seen any episodes so I decided to tune in. Why not? The first season was shot at my alma matter, Southern University. Since this season is shot in my favorite American city, I decided to watch.
Like Really!?!?!
Hours later, I'm deep into the series (it is like a marathon day I guess).
This is a HOT mess - HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT MESS!!!! Now since I graduated an HBCU, I am kind of disgruntled about a few things. Here are my issues:
  • Do ANY of these kids go to school? WELL I don't know because after several hours no one has gone to class or mentioned their campus life (in the opening credits, one kid is posing in front of what looks like a college). They live in some South Beach mansion and are never shown on campus, discussing campus or doing anything campus-related. Why would you do a show called "College Hill" w/no college stuff being shown?
  • Why is it that people don't recognize when they have EVERYTHING in common w/someone else? Two of the girls have an argument that to the best of my knowledge is simply about which one is hotter ... The main contention from both sides is I don't like her because she thinks she's all that. Really?!?!? BOTH of you think you are ALL that. You both do pageants and apparently are good at them. Why can't they bond on their commonalities instead of attack the other for being the same way? They have a fight and one gets kicked out for the season (NOT the one who threw the first punch by the way). After the one girl's departure, the house really divides ... which brings me to my next point:
  • Which is my FIRST point - when the heck do they go to school!?!?! If they were in class sometimes maybe they wouldn't have so much freakin' time to be so silly.
  • Okay - Kyle. He's a lot. The major thing that stands out about him to me is that he's so afraid of being ridiculed that he picks on others to bond w/people (he's a college-aged young black man that is gay and who has a "dope-fiend" father-I'm sure he faces adversity). He is the MAIN instigator in a lot of the house's drama. It is as if his attitude is let me gang up on someone before people gang up on me. He's a jerk. Loud and instigating. Aggravating. Once again someone whose energy would be well-spent in class or pursuing some sort of talent in an activity he can pursue in college.
  • The episode I'm watching now is about the introduction of the "new girl" who replaced the girl who was kicked out for fighting. This new girl just walks in and is immediately attacked for no other reason than she is new. REALLY?!?!? This young lady was super excited and eager for the opportunity she signed up for and I see that opportunity of having a good time being taken away from her. Now, this part did make me think of my college experience. I remember being a part of organizations (sororities, student government, social groups) and I must admit we were not always so welcoming to "new people". Nor do I remember being particularly welcomed into any of these groups. I can only speak for me, but as a "member" of any of those groups, I stood on some imaginary laurels to keep people out. I felt like I should keep folks out of what I fought so hard to get into ... those memories kind of suck - why is it so hard to step into new situations? Is it us just reflecting what was done to us at some point? I wish I would have been stronger and approached letting other folk into "my" stuff w/more openness (instead of feeling like if I didn't like someone they might not be good enough to get into MY group). The sad part is I feel this type of behavior is still happening around us in the "real" world.
  • For the first time today, I just heard one person say she was grateful for this opportunity ... shouldn't they ALL be!?!? You are on TV and tons of young people watch your life and imagine if they were in your place. AND you signed up for it so you must have wanted this experience! Be grateful kids!!!
  • Why does one guy get so mad that he wants to fight. I get that. What I don't get is why he has to take his clothes off to do so? I've wanted to fight quite a few times and kept my clothes on - I don't get it.
  • Overall I am not impressed with this show - mostly because I don't feel the title applies since I never see the kids attend college. But I do think it does reveal some life issues and I can see why it is entertaining. I'd like to just throw out there that if a show aimed at young people who may be considering college is called College Hill, it may be beneficial to talk about the actual college experience.

But I still haven't turned the channel. And that is what watching a day of not so great reality TV will do for you ...

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Karla said...

You know you lose 100 brain cells for every 1 minute you watch BET original programming...

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