Seeking A Girlfriend

I love my girlfriends. I have been blessed with the truest, coolest and most supportive friends a girl could ask for. If I have one complaint about them it is that none of them live HERE! I miss them so much! And now it is a lot harder to see them since life is setting in - with the demands of work, new marriages, new babies, new home purchases, etc, I don't get to see them or speak to them as much as I used to. While I don't plan on replacing my friends, I find myself longing to do things that girlfriends do - shopping, going out to eat, spa days, talking about boys ... I miss those times the most. If I didn't think it would attract crazy people, I'd put an ad on craigslist ...


Looking for a female 27-35 to befriend a super cool girl, ME; open minded, creative type interested in growing into a better person; must be into going out to eat, seeing movies, spending days at the spa, working out, meditation/yoga and shopping (window shopping perfect); must not be crazy or into single white female type stuff; must enjoy shallow convo but be a deep person interested in a variety of activities. Will consider married ladies but typically looking for a single friend to hang out, spend time with and enjoy New Orleans activities.


Karla said...

Now, I really miss you! LOL!

Kay* said...

girl u know if I was I. N.O. I'd take u up on this ;)

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