Under Construction

I'm going to be making some changes to my blog space next week. Actually I'm planning an overhaul to my entire blog format ... I'm done working on this movie on Friday so I'm going to take a few weeks to get some things going and my web presence is of utmost importance. I've decided to go after an endeavor that I feel I was led to. I'm starting my own business. WOW! That felt good to type. A better statement is I'm ready to unveil my business - it is technically started. I'm not ready to share more at this time, but will disclose more in the coming weeks. In an effort to support my business, I'll be spending more time on my blog. Look forward to weekly features and a different look. I'm really excited and hope you'll stick around for the unveiling. Also, if you don't already, please become a follower of my blog. I additionally ask that if you like what you read here, please tell a friend. Thank you for your continued support and readership and I am so excited to bring you more good stories soon!!!!


Karla said...

Looking forward to it!

Josey said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting for all the fun info to come my way.

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