Whose Hair Is This Anyway?

Moving back to Louisiana has been an adjustment in many, many ways. One of the most interesting has been my hair. I grew up in Louisiana, so I've known humidity. My hair is REALLY thick so it never really posed that big of a problem for me. I used to get a relaxer when I lived here and I'd only experience issues when I tried to go too long without the crack in a jar perm. Even on the worse days, there has always been one hairstyle I could rock no matter the weather or amount of new growth. That style is a roller set. This style can last at least seven days (which was what I needed since I am getting my hair done on Saturday). I've rocked it with chin length bobs or with my super long locks. Today out in the random town of Raceland, the humidity was a beast and my hair fell something ridiculous! This makes me confused as to what to do next with my hair. I currently have a texturizer. When in California's climate, I got this chemical service once a year. My last service was in December and right now I am at a loss for control of my hair. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. As I said I have an appointment on Saturday - which is the day before my photo shoot so I want to make a decision that won't flop hours later because I obviously need my hair to be banging like it usually is! Ahhh, what I'm I to do with this head of hair that feels so foreign to me!
P.S. On another note, the hair might be challenged but do you see that body!!! That working out/eating right thing has been paying off!!!


Karla said...

Why aren't you putting the texturizer to use and wearing it curly? Wouldn't that be best for the humidity?

DaVida Chanel said...

Its not curling anymore :( When it is wet is like a big wet poof w/no curls - it looks like you avatar but bigger with like stringy curls.

Mist said...

Bangin shades. Hot body in the catwoman stance.
And ure hair looks cute even with the fallen curls.
I don't see a challenge..... Ure pics will be awesome
As usual.

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