Saturday Night Live

Yesterday was an interesting day. I home from work around 5 am. I slept until around 11:30 (I had a brow appointment at 12:30 and couldn't miss since I have my big photo shoot next Sunday - details to come). After the brows, I did a little shopping but was very tired. I came home and slept from around 2:30 until 8 pm. I really wanted sushi and my friend I had loose plans with was not answering. I decided to get dressed up and take myself out to dinner. I have no problems eating alone, but didn't want to be by myself last night. When I was about to park at a sushi spot close to come, my friend was calling me to meet at this place called Wasabi. Dinner was great - really cool spot, unpretentious, good drinks - great time!

Afterwards we decided to get out for a bit and hear some music. We went to a bar called d.b.a. and Little Freddy King was playing - GOOD stuff. I got the blues! LOL! After we went to another bar called The Dragon's Den where a cutesy girl band called "The Local Skank" was playing. They closed their show with a song called, "That Girl Is A Whore".

Good good times and fun on a Saturday night :)

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