Giving Up Not Always Bad!

Ahhhh, Mardi Gras 2010 is over and today begins Lent. Lent is a forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. They skip Sundays when counting the forty days, because Sundays commemorate the Resurrection. This year Lent begins today and ends April 3, which is the day before Easter.

Each year I talk crap about folk who participate in Lent. I mean what's the point of not doing you fill in the blank for 40 days if the other 325 days of the year you do? I am approaching it differently this year (New Orleans has a huge Catholic population and I'd like to be more respectful of their traditions. PLUS my revelation makes it a win for me.) This year did not get off to a great start for me. Most of all because of my attitude about certain things happening (rather not happening in my life). Well, I'm still alive, have not gone hungry yet and still have my apartment - all cause to be grateful. And what if instead of giving up something because I thought it was so horrible, what if I did it simply to get closer to my purpose (perspective is key in these type of situations!).

So with that said this year, I'm giving up something AND picking up something. Over the next 40 days I'm giving up activities that do not get me closer to my purpose. The first and biggest thing I'm giving up is sleeping late! It seems small but so not helpful. I slept til 11 so many days last month (oh and that one day I didn't get out of bed til 2:30 pm!!). I'm an early riser - always have been so I am getting back to that. I'll be up early during this 40 days! The second thing is poor eating. My life is so not aided by crappy food. It strips my energy, messes up my shape and skin and then screws w/my esteem bc I look crazy bc I ate crazy! LOL! When I lived in L.A. I developed some awesome eating habits-time to get back to those. Finally, the last thing I'm giving up is sex. Okay I know I said here that I'd give it up for 365 days but I've decided to start w/40. I don't think sex is bad but for me it can become all-consuming. I'm a passionate person who gets all caught up in the lovin' I can forget how to focus (I apologize for such blatant TMI). So no getting it in during Lent.

The good news I'll be picking up some good stuff during this time. First up exercise for the sake of getting moving. I don't like to work out but this weekend of Mardi Gras transpo by foot reminded me how much I love to walk. Instead of setting some random workout schedule that I find difficult to hold onto, I'll get walking 4 times a week. Simple because I walk around my neighborhood ALL THE TIME! Another is good ole' H2O. Water is so good for us and I don't hate it so over the next 40 days I'll be chugging the clear stuff in abundance. Another thing I'm picking up is MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS! LOL! I can get so into other people's stuff it is unbelievable! So instead of inquiring about people's stuff, I'm going to refrain from needing to know every detail and take what is given. Finally, I'm picking up affirmations. I'm a believer in the power of words so I'll be speaking some stuff into existence!

In conclusion, my good friend Winston shared w/me that someone shared w/him that in order to receive blessings you must give up something. It can't just be anything but something that the most high knows is hindering you. I believe that I've eliminated some key things that are hindering my success (or blessings if you will). What about you? Do you believe in or participate in Lent? What things are you giving up (or picking up) this season?

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