When I Get Grown

Yesterday one of my fav people tweeted that she feels grown when she's cooking and enjoying a cocktail. So do I! It is interesting because I AM grown but I don't always feel that way. I guess it is because when I was younger I had all these things that I thought would happen when I was grown. I remember when I was a junior in college watching Love Jones, I just knew life would kind of be like that - you know hanging out w/your group, everyone having some super cool job and being all fashion forward-things like that. Life is sometimes like that but a lot of the it is very basic: feels like I'm going through the motions (I don't remember bills being a big focus on the movies). I never imagined going through the motions when I envisioned my life. I thought it would be one fab thing after another - like in the movies. I also thought people who went to college were going to have those richer experiences. Life has shown me I was a little off on some of my thoughts. But here's a list of things that make me feel grown. Some of them are still elusive but maybe one day ...

  • Meeting up for girls' weekends in exotic locations
  • Living in some cool space like a loft w/modern furniture and art filling the place
  • Holding a standing appointments at the hairdresser, waxer, facialist, nail lady and masseuse.
  • Meeting up for drinks after work at all the coolest spots.
  • Having dinner at all the exclusive restaurants-trying new spots all the time.
  • Having friends over for drinks and discussions.
  • Game nights!
  • Going to lectures, screenings, live music and poetry venues.
  • Being super creative and artsy.
  • Going out for dinner then dancing.
  • Super exciting dating life.
  • Taking cool classes (like spinning, pottery, painting, stuff like that - trying new stuff all the time).
  • Going to small theaters to see the art house films.
  • Being a part of some sort of mentoring program for kids.
  • Having a lot of shoes!
  • Getting dressed up a lot more often.
So that's my list of things that make me feel grown when I do them (or the thought of them make me think grown). What are some things that make you feel like a grown up?


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