Aaaahhhhhh, A New Crush

Spring is here (well it is in L.A.) and love (well like) is in the air. I think I'm in like ... pump your brakes, not a real like yet, but this is more of a fantasy like.

BACKGROUND: When it comes to the many MANY loves of my life, they are as varied a bunch as they come. I can attribute this to my family. The men I was around were very different but all had one thing in common - they were INDIVIDUALS w/SWAGGER (ie confidence, a bit of arrogance, manliness - total opposite of Diddy's definition of "bitchassness"). They played by their own rules and they were not often "in a box".

First their was my great-grandfather, Henry Demby. This guy was all man. He had a head full of white hair and was soooooooo handsome (even at like 60-something). He was such an individual that while all of his siblings spell their name Dempsey, he rolled w/Demby because he said it was the correct way. According to him everyone else changed the spelling after Jack Dempsey won a fight. He started a business in Louisiana during a time when that was not the norm for a black man. He took care of his family and my great-grandmother never had to get a job.
His son, Henry "HANK" Demby, Jr., was the one that pretty much set the standard for men in my world. Hank was a one of a kind - to this day I've never met a man like him. He had a head full of long greying-white hair and wore cowboy boots and hats and always drove white Cadillacs (with no dirt on 'em). He was the definition of swagger and had a flock of women (for days!). To this day I have aunts that were his "chicks" I couldn't tell my real aunt (his wife) about (look for a blog about why I used to believe fidelity wasn't a requirement on if a man was good).

My grandmother also played her huge part in what I find attractive in men - through her choice of husbands. My Paw-Paw, her first husband and father of her children, is about 5-9 on a good day and red (if you're from Louisiana you'll know what that means). He always smells great and is cocky as the day is long. He's very dynamic and engaging - he sings at church and has been known to preach on occasion. I don't remember much about her second husband except that he was pretty short too. I absolutely loved her third husband, Nathan Jenkins. He was short (yep Granny likes those little guys), drove Caddy's and was really into social status. He had traveled a lot in his life and was used to fine things. In fact, he required them. He and I got along very well because I was smart and studious and into fine things at a young age - we could relate.

So if you wrapped all those men into one, you'd have the prototype of what I have generally dated - suave, confident, attractive, kind of arrogant, and totally secure in being an individual. My first "real" boyfriend was probably the best dressed boy at my high school and would throw away shoes if they got the least bit dirty even if it was the first time he wore them. A man who was concerned with his appearance and status back in the day would have me SICK (davida-ism for EXTREMELY in like!). Then I met a guy in college that added another element to the mix.

In my senior year of college, I had pretty much vowed to stop dating. I was focused on the prize of graduating and moving to L.A. to bartend at night and get discovered in the day time (my family didn't agree w/that plan but that's another post). One day in my African-American studies class, this beautiful brother got up to speak and I literally dropped my pen and the papers on my desk all flew off. He was amazing - he met all the criteria above but add mysterious (b/c I didn't know him and I pretty much knew everyone at school) and articulate. I had to know more. So I went to talk to him and he mentioned that he was a musician. Hmmmm.

As time went on I got to go over and watch him make music - literally. Absolutely amazing. This guy could hear and create music in a way that I couldn't even fathom at the time. He wasn't just hitting keys his keyboard, he was producing tracks for himself and local groups. I was smitten. At that point in time, I realized that men who create music are on a whole 'nother level. This guy just being him forced me to add some new criteria to my prototype of the guy for me - creativity and sensitivity are now a must.

Since him, I've not "really" dated any music guys but they have become my no. 1 crushes. When I heard my first Neptunes beat, I had to find out about the producer. I instantly fell in love with Pharrell Williams.

Before you even go there, no I am not a stalker (even though I think I "lost" a bra at a N*E*R*D concert - my friend Karla is forever sworn to secrecy on how that really happened). I'm not one of those groupie girls, but I honestly feel kindred to Pharrell because I feel like he gets me - LMAO! Even though he doesn't know me, he feels me and I know through his beats and lyrics. (Sidenote: Andre' 3000 kind of speaks to me too). I never thought anyone could take the space that Pharrell created, but it has officially happened.

So, I'm watching Making the Band 4 and Diddy is having trouble with concepts for Donnie's album. He sends him to see this producer and he says he is eccentric - what an understatement. He opens the doors and smoke floods from the studio. I was intrigued. I had to know who was the man behind the smoke. It was a beautiful creature who calls himself Seven. I was hooked. THEN he said a couple things that left me SICK. 1. I am on another frequency - to get with me you have to tune into Channel 7 (what this dude has his own frequency!!! I'm so in like!!!!!!!!!!!). 2. He told Donnie to imagine a sexy lady was on a table and that he was about to feed it to her (I won't elaborate on that one but let's just say at that moment, he could get it!). LMAO!

So now I'm on one for this dude named Seven, who wears one earring with a feather, speaks low and melodic and travels on a different frequency. He has replaced Pharrell and is now the new man I like that I do not know. The big difference now is that I believe in the law of attraction so I'm sure this blog post might just attract him a little closer to me ...


Anonymous said...

LMAO! I'm not laughing at you, b/c you are my girl and you KNOW I get it! I'm laughing b/c I know EXACTLY the moment he made you swoon!.......

Poor Pharrezzy! I still got hope, but you know how we roll! We put it out in the Universe and it comes back, so careful what you ask for......that man gonna walk up to you to "Feed It 2 You".....LMAO!


K-Boogie said...

First Jigga, now Pharrell...another one bites the dust.

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