I got tagged!!!! My favorite blogger (disclaimer: that I've never met before in "real" life) of the blog apt. tbd tagged me! She does such a great job on her blog that I'm excited that she chose me to tag. And I was confused about what to post next so being tagged works! YAY!!!!

  1. I'm getting my hair done this week! I'm really excited. My sorority line sister is an amazing stylist (she's worked all around the world for Toni and Guy) has opened her own salon in Houston, Texas! I'll be there visiting my mom, who is getting me a "new do" for the new year!

  2. I found out a terrible reality on Saturday - I suck at Guitar Hero! I always thought that would be the video game for me. I love music and not so secretly think I'm a rock star just in my daily actions so I was terribly disappointed to crash and burn on this game. My friend bought it over the weekend we played ... well he played and I sucked! LOL! I spent about 30 minutes in practice mode (Eye of the Tiger) so hopefully I'll be better the next time around.

  3. I want to live in New Orleans, La. I feel a certain energy when I enter the city. Literally when I drive into the city I feel like this is where I should be. I do not know why I feel that way though. Am I really feeling N.O. or am I being afraid to return to L.A.? Time will tell ... I'm meditating on it.

  4. When I'm honest with myself, I realize that I feel like I do not know where to go or what to do next. I'm generally extremely ambitious but lately I'm having trouble coming up with goals I can stick to. I'm being patient with myself but lately I don't really know who I am so it has been interesting.

  5. I really want an IPhone. I'm waiting until Jan. 13 when I can upgrade my phone. I won't get it for free, but I'll get a discount. I feel kind of weird about it though because I can get a host of other phones/PDA's for free but why would I do that when I can own what seems to be one of the most wonderful and amazing technology inventions of our time?

  6. LOVE IS IN THE AIR! My friend Kendra got married in the Bahamas on Friday and my other friend got engaged in Mexico on Saturday on her birthday!!! I'm excited for both of these women because they are examples that you can have it all - they both have great careers and have found love with the men they dreamt of! That makes me excited that there are women out there living full and complete lives (complete with their dream career and dream love). Ahhh, my day is coming ;)

and here's 6 people I'd like to learn more about so I'm tagging:

  1. Karla from Confessions of a Former Hot Girl

  2. Bianca from As In Jagger

  3. Patranila from My Beautifully Brilliant Life

  4. Vanessa from Chuliboobs

  5. Ran from Still Standing

  6. Stella B (b/c I miss you blogging lady!)

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Karla said...

Thanks for the tag. Luckily, we're snowed in through tomorrow, so I have all day to come up with 6 interesting things.

And don't worry about Guitar Hero - you'll always be a rock star in my book.

We must see each other soon! Its been too long! We're looking for a nanny for the summer. Room and board + stipend is paid...

kay* said...

you are to sweet to say such kind things about me & my blog. thank you. and thanks for doing the tag!

i just wrote something that i was going to leave in the comments but it may be a bit personal - i dunno, so i'll email it to you :)

anywho, in addition to what i emailed i'll continue with this:

for guitar hero---play on easy and do the guitar - so much fun! and pick a song you know the melody to - makes it easier ;)

i HEART my iPhone. one of the best purchases i've made of the year...oh gosh it makes me so happy.

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