A New Take on December

Every December, I sit and ponder on all the things that are not quite as I want them to be in my life. I look candidly and explicitly at my life and review all of my shortcomings. It is quite an honest time. I make list after list of things I want to accomplish never taking into account all of the things that transpired in the present year. This year before I resolve to do or become anything, I'm taking some time to highlight the past year.

My Proudest Moments of 2008 ...
  • I got my very first movie credit (I'm IMDB'able!)
  • I committed myself to blogging (I wrote over 100 blogs this year!)
  • I completed two classes at the Agape Spiritual Center (meditation and financial freedom)
  • I completed a 5K run (I walked some but I did run)
  • I completed a 21 day detox
  • I drove alone from California to Louisiana (all 1,596 miles!)
  • I worked for one of my idols in the entertainment industry
  • I completed an 8 week intro to iyengar yoga course
  • From January to August I was tithed to the place of my spiritual growth
  • I committed to completing a 40 day course of "Calling In The One"
  • I went to Miami! (I LOVE Miami and made it my mission 2 years ago to return at least once a year)
  • I read at least 1 book a month
  • I volunteered in my community
  • I took a huge risk (and although I'm currently unemployed I think making that leap was courageous and will ultimately be the catalyst for me to reach my career goals)
  • I read Eckhart Tolle's A NEW EARTH and completed Oprah's 10 week course

These are some of the things I can remember and I'm pretty excited as I look back at what has transpired this year in terms of my growth (whether it be physical, emotional, mental and of course spiritual). I know that I am not the person I was a mere 365 days ago! I do have some goals I'd like to see come true next year but for a while I'm going to celebrate this year. I love celebrations!!!

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kay* said...

wow! congratulations to you! you should be very proud - this is quite a lot to accomplish in one year - there are some things on the list that look quite appealing to me that i want to do in this coming year.

i tagged you on my blog :) check it out for the details.

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