Ain't Nothing But A Number

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ~Mark Twain

Today I was reminded more than ever that age is simply a number. My supervisor on my TV job constantly reminds me how you can reinvent yourself whenever you feel like it. I work with a 16 year old singer and her ambition and work ethic are stronger than many 45 year olds. Also I know a lot of grown men (and women) that behave like babies. And I see babies that are so full of life it is amazing.

I've decided I do not care about my calendar age at all any more. Ever since I turned 31, I get so worked up over my age and how it relates to my lifestyle. I sometimes torture myself because I'm the age I am and am not a homeowner. It annoys me sometimes that I don't have a 401K or other things people my age "should" have. When I "really" party, I party like my college days. Sometimes I get crushes on guys way too young but so what? And let's not talk about work. I work extremely hard ... when I'm working! This last year was full of gaps with no employment at all and a couple of calls home for help with bills ... at my age jeez! I digress.

Here's the thing. Life is happening every second. I've got the choice of moping because I'm old as I get older or I can simply LIVE and ENJOY. I'm opting for the latter and encourage everyone else to as well ... regardless of their age! (And on that note, shout out to my dear friends Mistie and Kendra who celebrate bdays this week! Also to my small nieces through friendship Kennedy and Amelia! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLLS!!!!)


Fran Eudoxie said...

thanks for this one honey!...I'm struggling with accepting that I turn 30 in two months when really I need to recognize all the accomplishments I've managed in such little time. I still get carded!-YES!...You are doing great and looking FAB! The best way to live is by having such a diverse circle of friends: we all end up vicariously living a well rounded life!!!!!....(like HR Block says it: I've got People!

Qiana said...

You know I turned 33 a few weeks ago...and guess what I feel great! More confident...more in love with life than ever before.....

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