Whatcha Lookin' At?

I'm learning more and more everyday that most things are a matter of perspective. When it comes to appearance, personal goals and levels of success, these are all things that are measured only by the person having the experience. I had a reality check last week. I got a review from one of my jobs and the points on my appearance were quite low. I wouldn't have been as affected if the comments were not true but they were. I can be quite lazy with the way I dress or take care of my appearance. This is for many reasons (I don't want folk to think I think I'm all that, I want to be accepted for my brain not my azz and I really am a hard worker, not just some cute girl trying to get on). The problem is deep down inside I love to "shine". I want to be cute all the time and I really like to get dolled up. I just feel like it is something that should not consume me. So the realization I came to was that it only matters what I think. I KNOW who I am and Andre 3000 said it best "its not about your clothes its all about yourself". So I'm looking within to determine my look. I want my inner me to shine forth. So instead of viewing myself through the eyes of others, its time I start seeing myself as myself.


Kristian said...

You're definitely not alone in that department. I do the same thing too. Even though I know the importance of a polished appearance, I tend to down play my look cause of what "others" might think of me. Especially when working in a male dominated environment. I completely agree with you and think it's important to always dress according to our own standards.

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