What If ...

  • What if I committed to working out?
  • What if I dressed w/care and concern everytime I left the house?
  • What if I did all the things dream about?
  • What if I had an unlimited budget for shoes?
  • What if my business took off and I became more successful than I could image?
  • What if I did something to influence my community?
  • What if I did all the crazy things that pop up into my head?
  • What if I knew how to draw or paint?
  • What if I lost my IPhone-how would I function?
  • What if there was no tomorrow?
  • What if there were 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 tomorrows?
  • What if there are aliens? What if WE are aliens?
  • What if the sun stopped shining?
  • What if the tea party people got their way?
  • What if there was no black or white?
  • What if there were no electricity?
  • What if there were an earthquake in Louisiana?
  • What if there is no Mr. Right for me?
  • What if I'm not Ms. Right for anyone else?
  • What if my dreams never come true?
  • What if they do?
  • What if I became the next Oprah?
  • What if I'm wrong on my spiritual beliefs?
  • What if ...
Random stuff on my brain...think its time for a cocktail.

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