Ashlee Nicole - Friend in My Head

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - social media networking is a great way to meet like minded people without all the bs that would sometimes keep us apart in "real" life. By reading people's tweets, status-es or blog posts, you can really learn a lot about who they are at the core. You naturally gravitate towards like minded people. Ashlee Nicole is a lot like how I was at her age ... well how I would have been had the web been like it is now. She's has a strong work ethic and always abreast of what's going on. She's extremely supportive too, a characteristic not always present in young women. Ashlee's blog shows her dedication to pubbing events-not just the ones she is promoting. And speaking of promoting, she's ON IT! She's had a hand in bringing some of the freshest acts to New Orleans (and not just the typical for a black girl in New Orleans - a convo for another day, but folk here still do a lot based on race. Not her, she's into cool stuff, regardless of if it is white or black.) For these reasons, Ashlee Nicole is a friend in my head.
Like the AyeLifestyle crew, I see her as an innovator and trendsetter. In my head we meet every so often at the coolest bars in the city and exchange war stories over the latest cocktails (I'd introduce her to Pimm's cups in the summer and she'd put me up on the latest drink folk her age are indulging in). More... I see myself randomly running into her on Melrose on a random day we both just so happen to be in L.A. When premieres and other Hollywood type events come to town, I see us sharing toasts at the bar. On a more serious note, I see her coming to me to get my "been there, done that, in my opinion" advice on the two fab career opportunities she's torn between. I really believe NOLA is on its way to being the spot for entertainment - I see her being at the forefront of the movement, which of course is another strong facet of our friendship in my head. All in all, I think this chick is amazing and that's why she's a friend in my head! Don't believe me, read her blog. WARNING: She's going to end up being a friend in your head too!

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