They See My Potential

During the time I wasn't working, it was easy for me to get down about my situation. The reality is that I've been very lucky to have worked for people that see something in me that allows them to teach me the skills I need to succeed. This started very early on in my work history. My first job was for the Iberville Parish JTPA Office. I'm not sure that program still exists but back then it was for kids 14-18 whose household income didn't exceed some point. It taught them job training skills (JTPA=Job Training Participation Act). Luckily I was able to start the day I turned 14 (its a summer program and my birthday is July 21 so I couldn't work that long the first summer) and I worked in the local JTPA office. I learned to type during that summer because the secretary was awesome and gave me a typing book. Obviously that skill has taken me far - LOL because I type everyday all day! (Don't trip its a skill I pride myself in - a lot of my friends don't know how to correctly type. They get it done but their fingers aren't in the right place!)

I remember when I got my job at Purdue I'd never done any graphic design but with the help of my co-workers and the printers we worked with, in the end I was able to compose entire media guides and do web design! I also learned to do color commentary for volleyball and had the opportunity to do some writing for the local paper. I was brought to tears at the completion of my first Big Ten Tournament (I ran the media portion of the indoor track n' field tourney on my own - which was HUGE because many records were broken!).

When I transitioned to the entertainment industry was working for my mentor Vincent Cirrincione. He was amazing because he taught how to do the Hollywood thing (it really IS another world). Vincent works very close with a publicist, Pamela. Now Pam is the ish when it comes to publicity. She knows how to work the crowd at events and she always looks impeccably professional. She and Vince took me under their wing and really allowed me to blossom in the industry even beyond the time I worked for them. Those skills are now coming in handy as I'm serving the publicity needs of a new client here in New Orleans. Even working with that artist I find myself in the position where I'm supported - her manager is awesome at really placing me in positions to succeed.

I'm also finding a lot of great support and mentorship at my production job. The supervisor has graciously taken me under her wing. I was supposed to just be helping out around the office but she recognized my eagerness to do more so I'm now the production secretary on a network television show!!! This is a really great time for me career-wise and I had to just acknowledge how grateful I am to work with people who see me for what I am. I'm happy that when I do get jobs, my skills speak for me and people tend to respond positively to me in work environments. I know I am a lucky girl to be given the opportunities I have been and I hope that when it's all said and done, I live up to my full potential!
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