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Today was (is) pretty blllllllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I was up at 5 to make my flight, got off the plane, hopped in my car then drove 1.5 hours to work. Siiiiiiiggggggggghhhhh. Friday was a tough day so I was not looking forward to the gig at all today. Sometimes it is just like that. Well, I got a special surprise!
Last year I read a book called THE HOST. It is fiction but it made me think what if this were true (all fiction comes from some source of non-fiction right?). Anyway, the book had me questioning everything for a while there. I always thought it would be cool to meet the author, pick her brain a bit about how the story came to be. Today was that day! I'm excited :) (She wrote a few other books I loved as well but since its SUPPOSED to be a secret where I work so I guess I'll keep that part hush and wrap this post up now before I give too much info.)

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Qiana said...

so do you recommend the book?

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