I'll Pay For It If I Want It

I used to love this rapper Soulja Slim from New Orleans-he was killed and his career got cut off :( My favorite song of his was "I'll Pay For It". The chorus was, "I'll pay for it, if I want it." Today I was struggling when the alarm went off at5:45am. The bed was so warm and comfy-I could have laid there all day. But there are some things I want-I want a firmer, toned body; I want greater flexibility; I want to be healthy! What am I willing to pay for it? Definitely willing to pay 30 minutes a day/4days a week and switching my eating habits to make those goals a reality! As I was working out, my mind went back to this weekend at writer's group. My piece was in need of much work. The primary reason is because I just sat down one day and started writing. I didn't do any of the fundamental steps of learning I learned in the past. I want to write a great story and I'm willing to pay for it by going back to the drawing board and starting over with my key steps in place. So while Soulja Slim was talking about paying for some errr....love and affection, I want some things that are a little more difficult to attain. But like Slim, I'm definitely willing to pay for what I want!

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Kendra said...

Great post! Thank you, I needed it! Stick with your focus...

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