Fave Five Fridays-Oct 1

Oooohhhhhwwwweeee it is Friday!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Here's my top five of the week:

  1. October - I absolutely love the month of October! The weather starts to cool off after a hot summer and night begins to come earlier. Football is in gear and basketball practices get under way. Because the weather is so nice, I can sport sandals one day, boots the next. Ahhhh I love October!!!
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar - A while ago I heard that Fergie drinks apple cider vinegar to lose weight. Without getting the entire story, I went out, bought a bottle and tried to gulp it down as often as possible. It was gross and after two days I quit. This week I ran across a more detailed article about the vinegar. It said to mix the vinegar with water and drink it throughout the day for a multitude of health benefits (and apparently it does help with the weight loss and better skin!). I'm enjoying the apple cider vinegar quite a bit!
  3. "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen- This was a small but powerful book! I really enjoyed it. "Circumstance does not make the man, it reveals him to himself," was a quote that really touched me from the book.
  4. Matthew LaCorte - These days a lot of people say they support things and are willing to fight for them. Click here to read about 17 year old Matthew LaCorte's efforts to get the album of his favorite rapper released.
  5. You Tube - YouTube provides so much valuable information...but some of the videos are HILARIOUS. Check out my fav from this week!


C.W. said...

ran across your blog--love it-- this video is too funny!

check me out

Karla said...

That dude could have SOOO been a part of our Indiana life. LOL! What fun we would have had at the Tiki with him!

BTW - I use ACV instead of shampoo in my hair :)

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