Fantasy Date Nite

As independent as I am and as much as I enjoy my single life, I would like to have a great date night. In a perfect world...(if this were a movie this is where the screen would go into a dream sequence)
I'd go over to see my boo who'd have an amazing place. When he opened the door he'd be so estastic to see me that he'd embrace me with a huge hug. I would be coming over straight from the store with fresh salad ingredients and a bottle of wine margarita ingredients. He'd have some food on the grill and have on ESPN...but on mute because he'd have his iPod on shuffle. I'd make us a couple of drinks and hop onto the counter and we'd talk about the day. When the meat and veggies were near done, I'd whip up the salad and set the table. We'd eat then clean up the kitchen a bit before relaxing. I'd take a shower and throw on one of his button down shirts and we'd have some more drinks and play a board game UNO! I'd be whipping his behind so he'd suggest a movie. We'd nestle in on the coach and watch something good...like LOVE JONES or FIGHT CLUB. Sigh....(and now the movie would return to real life.)

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