Fave Five Fridays!!!

It's FRIDAY and I'm ready for the wwweeekkkeeend baby!!! Not that I have many plans - in fact, that's the beauty of it! I want this 3 day weekend to be one where I play it by ear and take life as it comes. I plan to hang out a bit, read a bit, write a bit, clean a bit, workout a bit...yep a bit of this, a bit of that. But before the weekend official begins, I wanted to continue my excellent blog week... yep for the first time in a long time, I blogged every day this week! YAY ME! What better way to make sure I blog every Friday than to start a new feature: Fave Five Fridays. Here are five of my fave things this week:

  1. THE WIRE:
    As you know from my many rants on SEX AND THE CITY, I did not have HBO for a long period of time. When I did get it, THE WIRE was well into its third or fourth season and whenever I attempted to watch I just couldn't get into it. Well good 'ole Netflix changed that for me. I absolutely LOVE this show. This week I started season 3 (of 5) and I'm so stoked. I can tell already that this season is going to be pivotal. Great acting, great casting, WONDERFUL storytelling/writing: I LOVE THIS SHOW!
  2. Rick Ross' TEFLON DON:
    I love music and have no particular favorite genre. Currently stuck in my CD player because whenever I take it out, I feel it petitioning to get back in, is Rick Ross' TEFLON DON. I was getting my hair done and my friend/hairstylist Dana Chanel was playing it-instantly fell in love with it. Great beats, nice lyrics. LOVE IT. So laid back!
  3. HOME COOKED Meals: I got a new 6-month gig 20 miles away from my hometown so I decided to move in w/my granny. There's always something to eat at her house. I have to be mindful of the portions but I love the option of having a substantiate meal at home when I get there. And it's helping me with my budget too! (I spend A LOT on eating out.)
    I love love love tats but made myself a promise after my first that I'd not become addicted and only get new ones when there was something major. Considering I feel like I'm a totally different person than I was a year ago, I got one to commemorate my new birth :) I put it on top of my little infinity symbol to signify that I can have infinite rebirths-love it!!! And the artist was really cool and seemed to dig my idea for the next one so I'll see him soon!
    My stylist swears by pin curls. She talks about pin curling her hair so much that one night when we were hanging out she whipped out her stuff and pin curled her hair. She did mine and the next day my curls were so much bouncer than when I curl my hair in the morning. I imitate the way she does it and have even figured out cutesy ways to wear my hair to work pin curled (so that when I get off, I'll be that much closer to my desired look). The folk at work go crazy over it pinned up-they think it looks so retro!
So what stood out to you this week? Any fave fives?


tha g perspective said...

I'm a big fan of "the Wire" Season 3 is my favorite season sometimes, but then sometimes season 4 is my favorite. And sometimes season 1 is my favorite. I think you get my point. But the whole show is great. If you're looking for a watching partner I have all 5 seasons and always look for an excuse to watch the Wire. Happy watching...!

kay* said...

i read his 'rants' too - i thought it was cool..peeping into his brain and what he's thinking about that whole taylor situation...

love your new tattoo! my new one (got in july) says carpe diem - similar train of thought kinda :)

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