I Love My Job

Since I began to work in physical production, I get to meet new and interesting people on every new job. One of my favorite people to work for to date was Clark Johnson. I served as his assistant on the pilot of DELTA BLUES (later changed to MEMPHIS BEAT). Clark is an amazing person! Super down to Earth, really engaging and definitely about supporting local businesses and workers. It was so great to work with him! I've been watching THE WIRE and started Season 5 last night. I knew that Clark had directed the show during the first season. He told me when we wrapped DELTA BLUES that I should get into THE WIRE. HE was right - I LOVE IT! He told me he made a brief appearance in Season 5. He's a jokester and his "appearance" is as one of the main characters during the season! I saw the first episode of the last season last night and he's good! (He starred in HOMICIDE back in the day but I never saw that show either.) Anyway, yet another example of an industry vet that does not place himself in a box! While there are 700,000 things that work my nerves about my career choice, opportunities to work closely with greats such as Clark are amazing. I feel so fortunate and hope that my future work somehow reflects all the great mentors I've had throughout my career!

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