9.17.10 Fave Five Friday

I must say that this has been an awesome week full of great things/new experiences-so much so that narrowing this week's top five was tough...but I was able to get them in no problems!

    This year I got to work with Kourtney Heart, a 17-year old singer/songwriter from New Orleans. I got to work closely with her and her manager to come up with her PR campaign. One night I had a conversation with she and her mom that made me go home and start getting my priorities in order. At 16, she told me how singing was her purpose and how she'd started off singing songs about things she was passionate about (for instance, she remixed Irreplaceable into a stop smoking song). She was so focused that I was glad to be a part of her team. This week her first EP was released via iTunes. It's a concept piece that tells the story of a young girl dealing with love. It's so funny because the songs really take me back-"Wish I Were Older" makes me feel just like I did in the 10th grade when I was digging this boy that was too old (and all wrong in retrospect) but at the time I just knew he was the one. Kourtney's future is very bright and I'm happy I got to work with her at the beginning of her career. I'm adding her to my list of "I knew them when" folk but from the music standpoint, if you like catchy pop tunes that take you back to when you were younger, check out EYE DEE KAY on iTunes.
  2. BlueBell Moo-lineum Crunch: I don't buy ice cream very often but I went to the grocery store w/my Granny who encourages my indulgence when it comes to food. We got a gallon of the creamy goodness with bits of chocolate, caramel, walnuts and almonds. So so good!
  3. Time w/Dominick:
    My little cousin Dominick had his first flag football game last week and it was hilarious! He's in kindergarten so he and his teammates just get out there and have fun. They run yards and yard in the wrong direction, make plays that aren't in any playbook anywhere and they get so emotionally invested...for about 2 minutes at a time! It was so funny! Then on Sunday he came over after church and we got to hang out a bit. He's very moody so he's not always up for conversation with me but this weekend we had a ball (could be that McDonald's I bought him after the game but hey!).
  4. For Colored Girls trailer: I'm a fan of Tyler Perry, period point blank. And I'm really excited for his new adaptation. All these talented African-American women...EXCITING!
  5. All I Want Is You: I've been hearing this song on the radio for the last couple of weeks. It's so mellow and laid back, reminds me of Mario Winans on those Diddy/Usher songs a few years back. Makes me want to put on a cute dress and go sit a bar somewhere! Enjoy:

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