Kimora Lee Simmons: Friend In My Head

It's been a while since I've done one of these but...I had to take a second to share. So there's a school of thought that says, "When we meet certain people, and we dislike specific traits about them, then what this really means is that those traits are what we dislike or are afraid of in ourselves." Fast forward to my latest friend in my head, Kimora Lee Simmons.

I'm a huge huge fan of class and grace. And although, I may not always display those traits, I desire to be more ladylike (I equate class and grace to being ladylike). When I see famous women, especially women of color who are considered successful I expect them to be more elegant than I am. Well, for those reasons, I could not get with Kimora. She irked the crap out of me. Everytime I saw her, I felt like she was so loud. And when I saw her home on Cribs the first time, I thought I was going to throw up. It was so gaudy. She was too much for me to take. I don't like the Baby Phat line in general for the same reasons-it used to always have some extra stuff going on-like really a sweat suit with a cat on your butt?!?! And as beautiful as she is, there was a spell when she was too hip-hop! She looked like a video chick more often than a mogul for a while there. Despite all that, the number one reason I couldn't get with Kimora was while I know she was a successful model, I feel most of her success came as a result of her ex-husband, Russell Simmons. I am all about becoming whoever I shall become by the sweat of my own brow. I can be very judgemental of women who marry well then become a mogul-I typically credit their new success in their man's field to the fact they were with their hubby.

So, one day I was watching TV flipping channels and had to watch her show. She was still all those things I felt she was before except now I saw it in a different light. She is a great, involved mother and she's really involved with the aspects of her business. She maintains a great working relationship with her ex and seems to be in a loving relationship with her new man. She is a lot but most great women people are. Most of all, as I watched that episode, it made me less judgemental of myself-I may judge others, but I can crucify myself! I can not stand that I'm not always prim and proper being ultra ladylike. I can be super hard on myself for not being the way a woman my age "should" be. Kimora reminds me their are no rules and that is why today she's a friend in my head. She's beautiful, a great mother, a philanthropist and a businesswoman. Sounds a lot like what I want to be...lol we'd probably attract a ton of attention with our loud asses at any bar or restaurant but I think we'd have some good times!

(sidenote: my one friend Mistie has said for a long time we had a lot in common. I chalked it up that she was calling me loud or ghetto-words I've used to describe KLS-but I can see some similarities.)

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