Saints Open NFL Season

Today is such a bittersweet day. On one hand I'm uber-excited!!! It's NFL Kickoff day and the superbowl champ Saints are kicking off the festivities!!! There's so much going on in NOLA today, including a concert in Jackson Square. Dave Matthews and Trombone Shorty are performing. Good Lawd Mr. Shorty is so freakin' fine. I swear he's my boyfriend in my head but I digress. Today in New Orleans will be epic! I forgot to even mention the parade Soul Rebels are performing in. The bittersweet part is I can't go. I'm in Baton Rouge. I live in Plaquemine for 6 months, not New Orleans. This normally won't be an issue as NFL games are generally on Sundays...but kickoff is on Thursday thus I'm at work.
This is bigger than tonight's game. The thing is I'm in oblivion. This time is clearly not my time to shine, I'm supposed to be working/grinding right now. It's weird because I love love love to hang but lately have just wanted to stay in (except of course in situations like today). My energy is all off. Not too sure what's going on right now but I guess I can only go with the flow...

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Karla said...

Somehow I already knew that Trombone Shorty was on his way to being your 2nd husband (once your divorce to Jigga is final).

Why can't your grind time be your time to shine? Don't we shine the brightest when we're on our hustle?

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