Just The Way I Am!!!

This morning I woke feeling extra great! When I turned off my phone alarm, I noticed I had a missed text from a friend that gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night (welcome to the world Baby Leila!!!). That made me feel good. And our nice boost of cool fall weather made me want to sport my fav ankle boots. I decided to dress up my normal black tee and jeans and spruce up my hair and makeup a tad bit. Then I got in the car to drive to work and Bruno Mars' song "Just The Way You Are". I love love love this song! (I admit, it may be one that gets played so much that by Christmas I'll probably hate it but for right now it is awesome!) This song made me feel so good to be just as I am! I was looking in the mirror when it came on about to mess with a pimple on on my cheek but as I sang "Girl You're Amazing Just The Way You Are" I forgot about the little zit. I can tend to overemphasize the negative and get caught up in what's not right, but I'm a pretty amazing girl when I think about it!!! Here's the video-I hope you realize that YOU too are amazing right now!!!

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