9.10.10 Fave Five Fridays

Sigh...it's been one of those weeks. I can tell 7500 million things I despised this week but luckily, the focus of this is 5 things I loved this week. So without further ado...

  1. 4-Day Work Weeks: Thanks to Labor Day on Monday, this was a short, 4-day workweek. I'm happy about that. I can not wait for tomorrow. I'm getting up going to my cousin's flag football game, making a conference call at 1 then doing absolutely NO THING for the rest of the day! I'm gonna get lost in The Wire season 3 and the life of Dorian Gray. Can. Not. Wait.
  2. Cetaphil: As per above, my face has been breaking out. I think the villain this time is my unbeweavable hair and the lack of a great skin care routine. I've begun one that seems pretty basic that I've read about in many fashion mags. I am using Cetaphil for my cleansing and moisturizing (of course w/SPF for the daytime) and witch hazel as a toner. I do a deep mask once a week and a deep exfoliation once a week (still use the cetaphil for the exfoliation-I just use these exfoliating cloths from Sephora).
  3. Willow Smith: I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth...ahhh that song has grown on me!
  4. Southwest Airlines: Back in the day I used to SWEAR by Southwest. I love love love a cheap getaway with easy ways to earn free flight. I haven't been traveling much (at all) lately so when I had to book a flight to Houston for my best friend from law school's wedding, I went straight to their site. DING! I got it for the lo lo lo!!! YAY!!!
  5. OPI's You're A Pisa Work: I think my favorite blogger *kay had mentioned this one a long long time ago. But when she did I was on dark shades. Well, this week I was on bright colors and tried it. LOVE IT! Perfect shade of loud pink for my toes!!!
(NOTE: Can't believe I didn't press PUBLISH POST on Friday!!! Sorry for delay.)

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