The Customer is Always Right?

My experience just now at the ATT store.

Me - Hi! How are you?
Her - I'm fine, how may I help you?
Me - I just need to pay my phone bill. May I do that here?
Her - Sure, we have an automated machine right there.
Me - Great. Does it take cash?
Her - Yes but you need exact change.
Me - Hmmm, got change for $100? I only need to pay $80.
Her - Umm no.
Me - Ok, may I just pay you?
Her - Yes but it will be an additional $5.
Me - Huh?
Her - ATT has a policy if a customer comes in to pay their bill it costs $5.
Me - So let me get this straight, if I pay in the machine it takes my entire bill but if I pay you and can get change it is an additional $5 that won't go toward my bill. I don't get it.
Her - Well they charge $5 because it takes away from the customers in the store.
Me - (As I look around at the empty store) What I'm not a customer?
Her - Shoulder Shrug


Karla said...

LOL! AT&T has THE WORST customer service, EVER!

Shamira-Christine said...

and the story continues...
me - [whacking the girl across the face with a bitch slap]
her - [holding the side of her face as she rings me up and hands me my receipt]
me - [smiling] thanks!

...that's why i pay a little more for Verizon. i've been down w/Verizon ever since i left AT&T. LMAO!

kay* said...

oh my gosh this is the mos ridiculous thing! what did you do?

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