Ummm, I'm Going To Go w/Jesus ....

I have always found myself drawn to certain people thatseem as if they have nothing in common. When I really think about and explore the connection between these people, I find the common thread between them all is their eccentricity. As I grow and learn more about myself, I realize that I have been searching and seeking in them the things that I already am. Today someone brought up one of my biggest differences - I was raised in the South and have an accent and they felt this accent makes me sound less intelligent. I took that in but I also realize that just because someone doesn't feel something about me, doesn't mean I have to change it. This made me think of some of my idols and how successful they are and the things people have said about them ...

I absolutely LOVE Andre 3000 and think he is one of the most talented rappers ever but clearly he doesn't fit the mold of the typical rapper. And people accept it - and when they didn't he broke 'em off properly on "Return of The G" on the Aquemini album. Outkast is only one of three hip hop acts to reach Diamond status with their record sales, Andre is finding success as an actor and is tauted as being a fashion icon. And I don't believe he's at home trying to figure out how to "fit in".
Oprah is amazing - she is a true inspiration. She uses her celebrity to promote her ideals - regardless of how it is received by the media and the world. When challenged by the beef industry, she didn't fold on her position - she fought back. When she found a politician she could believe in, she stood behind him in a very vocal and obvious way. When she realized that certain metaphysical principles have provided her with a better life, she decided to share them with the world. While doing all of this, she was not always praised or well received - in fact, there are often groups that are calling for boycotts of her show and magazine. She doesn't quit though, it seems like she pushes harder.
Okay, if I'm going to speak on folk who broke the mold, didn't follow set standards or practices and did not care about what people thought of him, how could I forget Jesus! I was raised as a Christian, so by definition, I follow Christ. When I was attending a more traditional church I would get so caught up in the church ways and they way the church thought but the whole point (in my opinion) is to act as Christ acted. I chose to deviate from the religious aspects and seek the spiritual truth for myself. In coming to the truth, I had to resign myself to follow Christ ... to follow Christ's ways ... to find the Christlike qualities of myself. Remember the Bible stories? Jesus hung out with ALL the people, including the undesirable, spreading love and goodness no matter what his enemies said or did. Jesus was not concerned with his image among others. Jesus didn't get caught up in their thoughts or ideas about how he should behave or who he should be. Jesus was focused on the bigger picture - he was focused on his destiny and what his life was about.
I must focus on me.
So what if I speak with an accent?
So what if I don't do this or that the way other people have done?
Who cares?
How bout I just do me?
The way I want ...
Unconcerned with the world.
Focused on what I know to be true.
This feels better already.

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Karla said...

People with southern accents are most likely to rule the world. Its a fact. Bill Clinton? Both Bushes? Colonel Sanders?

Do you cuz the rest of us love you just the way you are and are too intelligent to limit you based on the way you pronounce your vowels.

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