Let's Enjoy This

I've been kind of down since I got laid off a couple weeks ago. I was kind of inadvertently punishing myself because I don't have a job. Work has been and remains extremely important to me. I am sort of lost with no job to do day to day. I kind of just sit here - I look for jobs first thing during the day, apply then wait. I watch TV and eat.
Today I decided to do something else. Since I moved to L.A., I've been working all the time so I haven't had a chance to do any daytime activities. After talking with my friend Alicia, I realized there is a lot I can do in this city that won't cost a lot (since I am of course unemployed, I have to be careful). Most of the museums are are free on certain days or after a certain time - which of course are all during times I'd normally be working. I've also always wanted to be a contestant on The Price Is Right - well now I can try that by going to the show taping. I love the park and now I can go at my leisure. Basically, I can do mostly everything at my leisure and that feels good - it feels free.
Losing my job has reminded me what it feels like to be free. I'm trusting that all will work out and resting in the knowledge that it already has worked out. This situation is only temporary but now I'm enjoying the space ... after all, aren't we supposed to enjoy EVERY experience?


That Saddity Chic said...

Sorry to hear about your job loss. I just went through that. It sucks big time but like you I did get to enjoy all the daytime activities that weren't possible before.

I don't know what industry you were in but if it's medical I have two great leads that I'll share with you. One is in Beverly Hills and the other is a medical staffing firm based in Santa Monica. Please let me know if I can help you at all.

Stay positive :)

Shamira-Christine said...

sorry to hear about the gig, but you know God's got you. seems like He's freed up some time for you to try to figure some personal things out...enjoy the time. work is always out there...i kind of regret not doing so myself.

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