Oh Well ...

Yesterday I had an epiphany.

I started a new job being an assistant to a director, producer and head writers on a TV pilot. I LOVE IT! This type of work invigorates and motivates me. I always feel great in these situations. BUT I messed up my scheduling. I thought I was coming in to just fill out start paperwork but when I arrived I ended up staying on until 9pm. Problem was I was supposed to go to my waitress job at 5:30. I called and tried to get off the schedule but management couldn't help. So I did the unthinkable (well for me that is) ... I no called/no showed. I felt really bad for a while (afterall, this tv job is only throughout the end of the year). I also felt super scared (what if I don't get a gig in January?) Money and security issues began to cloud my head.

Then I realized that this is my time - I made a decision that from my last birthday until my 35th bday I'd really pursue what I loved. Working in film, tv and entertainment as a whole MOVES me. It always has. So with that, I'm done with that particular restaurant (lol! and now I can't go to that location anymore). Over the last month, I've been working on a plethora of creative projects. One is my documentary and the second is a new stage play I'm writing. I'm very excited and really pursuing the things that drive me. I also got a great new hairstylist! She shaped up my inverted bob and it is pretty fab (pics to come).

The thing is that I know I'm creative and have some great ideas. I also realize that my goals and dreams are non-traditional so I may have to do things differently to achieve those dreams. I have been blessed that whenever I "need" a job, I get a job. I've always had one. It is just difficult sometimes to let go and let things manifest - I can be controlling. Well now is the time to just let things be. My job now is to really dedicate myself to my desire and let the Universe take care of the details. So no more being sad over that waitress job - that was never my destiny.

It is funny how things work out and happen. I got a text from my friend late last night that the new moon was in Scorpio. This is what that astrological occurrence has in store for me (Click here to see what it means for you.) Interesting huh?

New Moon in the 1st House
A new moon in the 1st house bestows a renewal within the self. Reinvent yourself. Try new things. Be bolder, more confident. Start new projects. Begin walking, talking, thinking, acting, and being the version of yourself you envision. Go on, try it out; see how it feels.


Karla said...

When you let go controling behaviour, your hands are open for opportunity.

Congrats on the new gig and I know it will manifest into something more amazing than your imagination can conjure up.

I'm rooting for you!

Kay* said...

congrats on the new job and for following your passion. i know good things will happen for you and can't wait to say "I 'knew' you when..." lolol

full email update coming shortly :)

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