What If ...

  • What if I committed to working out?
  • What if I dressed w/care and concern everytime I left the house?
  • What if I did all the things dream about?
  • What if I had an unlimited budget for shoes?
  • What if my business took off and I became more successful than I could image?
  • What if I did something to influence my community?
  • What if I did all the crazy things that pop up into my head?
  • What if I knew how to draw or paint?
  • What if I lost my IPhone-how would I function?
  • What if there was no tomorrow?
  • What if there were 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 tomorrows?
  • What if there are aliens? What if WE are aliens?
  • What if the sun stopped shining?
  • What if the tea party people got their way?
  • What if there was no black or white?
  • What if there were no electricity?
  • What if there were an earthquake in Louisiana?
  • What if there is no Mr. Right for me?
  • What if I'm not Ms. Right for anyone else?
  • What if my dreams never come true?
  • What if they do?
  • What if I became the next Oprah?
  • What if I'm wrong on my spiritual beliefs?
  • What if ...
Random stuff on my brain...think its time for a cocktail.


I Want To Go Shopping!!!

I really REALLY want to go shopping. I haven't gotten anything new from the store in forever. I don't know the last time I got new shoes. I'm overdue a shopping trip and I'd love to get a few things! I want some new stuff man! I want to go to Sephora and get some goodies. I want a new bag. I want some new tights. I want a cute new blazer and several new dresses. I want a scarf. And its not all for me - I want to buy my little cousin a baptism gift, and I know two cute babies w/bdays approaching. I also owe lil' sis her 17th bday gift. ARGH I want ... I want .... I want.... ARGH!

I WANT TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreams by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.


They See My Potential

During the time I wasn't working, it was easy for me to get down about my situation. The reality is that I've been very lucky to have worked for people that see something in me that allows them to teach me the skills I need to succeed. This started very early on in my work history. My first job was for the Iberville Parish JTPA Office. I'm not sure that program still exists but back then it was for kids 14-18 whose household income didn't exceed some point. It taught them job training skills (JTPA=Job Training Participation Act). Luckily I was able to start the day I turned 14 (its a summer program and my birthday is July 21 so I couldn't work that long the first summer) and I worked in the local JTPA office. I learned to type during that summer because the secretary was awesome and gave me a typing book. Obviously that skill has taken me far - LOL because I type everyday all day! (Don't trip its a skill I pride myself in - a lot of my friends don't know how to correctly type. They get it done but their fingers aren't in the right place!)

I remember when I got my job at Purdue I'd never done any graphic design but with the help of my co-workers and the printers we worked with, in the end I was able to compose entire media guides and do web design! I also learned to do color commentary for volleyball and had the opportunity to do some writing for the local paper. I was brought to tears at the completion of my first Big Ten Tournament (I ran the media portion of the indoor track n' field tourney on my own - which was HUGE because many records were broken!).

When I transitioned to the entertainment industry was working for my mentor Vincent Cirrincione. He was amazing because he taught how to do the Hollywood thing (it really IS another world). Vincent works very close with a publicist, Pamela. Now Pam is the ish when it comes to publicity. She knows how to work the crowd at events and she always looks impeccably professional. She and Vince took me under their wing and really allowed me to blossom in the industry even beyond the time I worked for them. Those skills are now coming in handy as I'm serving the publicity needs of a new client here in New Orleans. Even working with that artist I find myself in the position where I'm supported - her manager is awesome at really placing me in positions to succeed.

I'm also finding a lot of great support and mentorship at my production job. The supervisor has graciously taken me under her wing. I was supposed to just be helping out around the office but she recognized my eagerness to do more so I'm now the production secretary on a network television show!!! This is a really great time for me career-wise and I had to just acknowledge how grateful I am to work with people who see me for what I am. I'm happy that when I do get jobs, my skills speak for me and people tend to respond positively to me in work environments. I know I am a lucky girl to be given the opportunities I have been and I hope that when it's all said and done, I live up to my full potential!


She Makes Me Wanna: Create

I've discovered that I am moved to action by things and people that inspire me. I love when things touch me in such a way that I feel as if I must do something about it. That's how I felt when I saw BADU-IZMS at the Fringe Fest for the first time. It was a cool concept for a play that made me want to create many beautiful stories to tell people. When I received an email from the writer of the show I was overjoyed! Sometimes a person's spirit can be revealed in the things they write (I guess I had seen her spirit in the play) but her email so touched me. I grew up always knowing I wanted to create art for people but didn't know how. Pamela's sharing her gift of writing made me feel as if I should write more as well. And she loved GREASE enough as a kid to write something based off of it - how could I not love her! Here's a glimpse into her story and I think she'll make you wanna do something too!!!

NAME: Pamela Davis-Noland
AGE: 40-something
HOMETOWN: Lake Charles, LA

Attended McNeese State Univ, Majored in English / Literature (Lake Charles, LA) and Baylor College of Medicine, Medical Assistant/ Medical Terminology (Houston, TX)
Before age 12, I wanted to be a Nurse. I began writing poetry when I was 11 and by the time I was 13, I’d written my autobiography and directed my first Stage Play; an adaptation of the Movie, Grease. My dreams of being a writer began shortly thereafter.
More...DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO: I don’t know if Love is a strong enough word to describe how I feel about this gift; and that is exactly how I refer to it because I do believe our talents are our gifts from God... Do I love what I do? Hmmm… YES, emphatically. It is indeed my predilection.

I wrote my Novel, Coffee-Colored Dreams and shopped it around to publishing houses and agents. It was enthusiastically accepted by one of the Major Publishing houses but they sat on it for a while (okay, waaaay too long!). Through the advice of a colleague who’d gone through the same ordeal, I declined their offer, established my own Publishing Company (Keen-Amity Publishing) and went on the mission of marketing my own Novel and facilitating workshops to help other potential Authors. Channeling my inner thirteen-year old confidence, I adapted the Novel into a Stage Play of the same name and the rest is history… Both the Novel and Play has been well received by readers and theater goers alike. Since 2006, I’ve written two additional stage plays (The Unacquainted, Badu-Izms) and the Novel, ‘Tuesday, Summer of ’74’ due out this Summer.
I wake up every morning and look out my window and smile and say thank you to the Creator that this is real and not a dream…
My Mother! She quit school in sixth grade to help her mother raise her niece and nephew, got married when she was sixteen and immediately swept away to a city where she knew no one but her husband with whom she had nine kids - all before age thirty! She is the most organized woman I’ve ever met, she ran our household like a Corporation. My Dad brought home the money and she mad it work. Thanks to her, we all attended private school where we were some of the cleanest, most well-dressed and trained lil’ Catholic kids in the neighborhood! Now in her mid-70’s, she’s helping to raise her great-grandkids. Whenever I face any challenge, all I do is think of her…and I get over it!
Grab a nice bottle of wine, pick up the phone and call Carrington; one of my closest friends, who should have been a stand up comic. We do this thing where I’ll tell him a story and then wait about a minute or so, sit back and let his jokes fly on the subject at hand, creating hilarious scenarios, re-writing lyrics to songs to fit the story, etc. and I laugh until I have tears rolling down my face and a stomach ache!! Whew…this boy is FUNny, I tell ya’!
Don’t ever stop pursuing your dream. Those “so-called” obstacles that get in your way are part of the process…the journey…the story… The Dream is NOT the end…it begins at the conception and continues as long as you live.
I have a ton of them. My most recent Motto is:
“…sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up!” (Bumpin’ me againMystikal ) LOL

Read more about Pamela at her site where you can also find information about the upcoming shows of BADU-IZMS on March 20 and 27 in New Orleans! http://www.keenamity.com


My Music Video Debut

OH MY GOSH! I'm a video vixen!!!!

I love living in New Orleans because I meet so many artistic and creative people that are always working on some project and need some people to help out. In December, my co-worker Iran asked one day if I wanted to be in a video. I asked what kind and when he said rap I was like I can't dance! LOL! He was like now it is a story. I was like OK. Who knew he'd weave together such an awesome video!!! It is shot very well and his FLORIDA STATE film school experience is showing!!! I'm so happy I got to participate! So without further ado, here's ME!!! in TATTOO TEARS by QUENTIN COLEMAN directed by IRAN KUYKENDALL!!!!!


Baduizms, March 20 and 27

Y'all KNOW I love me some Ms. Erykah Badu. She is like ... church. I always feel like I've been blessed when I hear her music and last year when I got to see her at JazzFest, I was BEYOND exuberant! So when I heard there was going to be a play at the FringeFest that celebrated her music, I was like ummmm I'm not sure. My friend Sarah (who makes me look like a someone who just bought a cd before b/c she's the ULTIMATE fan having seen her over 10 times!)and I were skeptical to say the least. But it was such a good show (I wrote about it here)! The ladies did the music justice and I really enjoyed myself. So when I heard they were doing a new show, I got UBER excited!!! They've added new music and all! Well, then something crazy happened. I got an email from the woman who wrote the play! She somehow ran across my blog post on the show and contacted me. She wanted to say she appreciated my review. We chatted a bit and she WOW-ed me. She's amazing. She's from Lake Charles, La. and just always liked to write. Here's the thing, she's so talented. She not only wrote the play, she is one of the actresses and she can BLOW! I haven't met her in person yet but I could feel her spirit through the email. I really like her. So I am so excited to go see the show on March 20 (who wants to come with?!?!)! Hmmm, I wonder if she'd like to be the next person I profile on "She Makes Me Wanna"? Maybe I could run the Tuesday before the play? That would be an excellent way for me to express how much she's inspired me!!!


Hip Hop Saved My Life

On last Thursday my life got VERY busy. I was prepared but it was difficult when everything hit at once. I went from a very laid back, nothing to do daily scenario to having to work ALL day on so many different projects. I had to two hours away to work over the weekend and randomly popped in a Lupe cd (it was dark so I just grabbed something and stuck it in). I instantly felt just fine when HIP HOP SAVED MY LIFE came on. When I was waiting tables unsure of how I'd make it through, this song got me through it! I'm no rapper but I am a person on the grind to make some big things happen. This song more than inspires me! It makes me believe its only a matter of time! ENJOY!!!

Lupe Fiasco Feat. Nikki Jean - Hip Hop Saved My Life
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One of Those Days ...

Today was an interesting day. A few weeks ago, I got a call from the powers that be of the pilot I worked on in December. The show had been picked up and I'll get the opportunity to work on the show in an awesome capacity I've never gotten to do before. This position is so in line with my future goals. They were calling to ensure my availability. Since then I've spoken to many of the higher ups so I know this job is a go but it doesn't start until sometime in April. In the meantime I've been focused on my company, DaVida Chanel Productions. I've got four good consulting clients and I'm working very hard (details to come). That was all good and I'm so excited...well I was until today.
A huge movie is coming to town and before I got to work on the pilot, my goal was to get a job on this movie. It will last a long time and it's the biggest budget production in Louisiana history. My position on this film will not be as creative as the one on the pilot but because it is so big, it'll look good on my resume. Well, after months of trying EVERY contact I had to get on this show, it seemed like no hope for that gig. Today they called to hire me. He asked point blank if I'd be working on anything soon and I told the truth. He said thanks and good luck but for the job he was offering he needed a full commitment for the show. I thanked him for his time. As soon as I hung up, BREAKDOWN. What if my gig on the tv show falls through? What if I am notMore...able to come through on my promises to my clients? What if I'm in over my head? ARGH! The self doubt and insecurities creeping in. Here's the thing. I KNOW what I KNOW. I KNOW where I'm headed and I KNOW that I create my reality. I KNOW the power of my subconscious mind and most importantly I KNOW what God has told me. I KNOW there are no coincidences and I KNOW I've been in tough situations before and it worked out. But knowing all that, it is still scary sometimes to really put it all on the line for something not so certain (remember all the what ifs?). And its not like I've got money stacked somewhere and the bills keep coming (I have different level clients so the money is not all coming in at once). Deep breath. This is the time that I've got to get my faith on. So I walk by faith and not by sight. Time to start walking ...

Ashlee Nicole - Friend in My Head

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - social media networking is a great way to meet like minded people without all the bs that would sometimes keep us apart in "real" life. By reading people's tweets, status-es or blog posts, you can really learn a lot about who they are at the core. You naturally gravitate towards like minded people. Ashlee Nicole is a lot like how I was at her age ... well how I would have been had the web been like it is now. She's has a strong work ethic and always abreast of what's going on. She's extremely supportive too, a characteristic not always present in young women. Ashlee's blog shows her dedication to pubbing events-not just the ones she is promoting. And speaking of promoting, she's ON IT! She's had a hand in bringing some of the freshest acts to New Orleans (and not just the typical for a black girl in New Orleans - a convo for another day, but folk here still do a lot based on race. Not her, she's into cool stuff, regardless of if it is white or black.) For these reasons, Ashlee Nicole is a friend in my head.
Like the AyeLifestyle crew, I see her as an innovator and trendsetter. In my head we meet every so often at the coolest bars in the city and exchange war stories over the latest cocktails (I'd introduce her to Pimm's cups in the summer and she'd put me up on the latest drink folk her age are indulging in). More... I see myself randomly running into her on Melrose on a random day we both just so happen to be in L.A. When premieres and other Hollywood type events come to town, I see us sharing toasts at the bar. On a more serious note, I see her coming to me to get my "been there, done that, in my opinion" advice on the two fab career opportunities she's torn between. I really believe NOLA is on its way to being the spot for entertainment - I see her being at the forefront of the movement, which of course is another strong facet of our friendship in my head. All in all, I think this chick is amazing and that's why she's a friend in my head! Don't believe me, read her blog. WARNING: She's going to end up being a friend in your head too!


Boy, You So Artistic

Have you checked out Kanye's new blog? Very great, very understated, very artistic. Peep it at www.kanyewest.com.

Ten Days of Sobriety...

On Friday night I hosted my women's power group at my home. It is a small group of ladies and we meet to discuss endeavors and provide one another support for our goals. We are working on setting a groundwork so in the future when other women join, we could show some tangible results of our our support of one another have helped us reach whatever goals we have set. In the midst of our discussion I realized that I wasn't having a drink (they aren't big drinkers so we never have alcohol at our meetings). I further recognized it was the first day that week I hadn't...I realized my drinking has been heavier since I moved to New Orleans.
I don't have drinking issues per say-no DUI's, no blackouts, no drinking til I throw up-nothing like that. I just really enjoy the way certain cocktails taste (my fav is the pineapple mojito at the Bridge Lounge!). I hate the taste of alcohol so I drink fruity concoctions that are appealing to my eyes (and nose). They taste so good, I'll have a couple (or a few depending on the occasion) and bc I know my limits I don't think its that big of a thing. Recently I was at the doctor's office and read a magazine article about this young, black woman who worked in entertainment and it sounded a lot like my life (except her career rise was in NYC as opposed to L.A./NOLA). More... It was very similar in a fun way until she said how she hit 34 and the drinking began to affect her differently (headaches, longer recovery time, stomach issues, sluggishness, forgetfulness). While I don't think I'm an alcoholic by any means, I am not naive in that I know liquor can have plenty of adverse affects. I've seen the horrors of substance abuse in my family over the years. Also, it is not always as easy for me to bounce back as it used to be. And where I used to feel tipsy after one good drink, I'm no where near that after 2 now. In addition to reading the article and facing concerns about ending up in AA, the fact that I've cut out plenty of normal diet and am not losing weight indicates that dumping cocktails may help out those goals a bit. I'm going to go a little cold turkey and give my body a rest. While I'm not committing to NO alcohol forever, I figured 10 days liquor free would be a great start. So as for now, no drinks for this girl. We'll take the days after that as they come.

If You Look Into Your Heart

One of my favorite movies of ALL TIME is Sparkle. It is the story of a love, family, tragedy and triumph. If you enjoy musicals, this is a must see. It was made in the year of my birth but its message is timeless. My aunt shared it with me when I was around 7 or 8 and the music still sticks with me to this day. So for your music motivation, please enjoy ...

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