Decisions Decisions

I LOVE TV! It is my favorite past time activity. And I love DVR that cable provides - so when I get home all of my fav shows are waiting for me to choose what I'll watch. Today I had to make a HUGE decision - do I get cable or internet service. I went with the web and will not have cable until I get some money saved or more stable income coming in. On one hand, this is a horribly sad day! How can I not have cable? How am I going to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday? (It is Mardi Gras weekend so no go on going to a public place to check it out!) But on the other hand, I can focus on some other things that are important to me instead of just being tied down to TV. ARGH - I long for the day when I don't have to make either or decisions based on finances.


kenge said...

Don't we all long for that day....As someone who recetly downgraded her pay scale trust me I understand. It will all work out especially when you are doing what you love.

kay* said...

haha! i made the exact opposite decision! i got cable and put the internet on hold...but luckily one of my best friends lives 2 doors down and when she's at work during the day i use her modem :) so it's not too bad!

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