In my studies of metaphysics or new thought/ancient wisdom, a common tenant is that we are that which proclaim we are ("I am that, I am"). Last night Katie Couric interviewed Weezy F. Baby - Lil Wayne. It was so good! First of all, I'm forever entertained by Weezy. His lyrics are the most clever, informative and masterful. His words are always so authentic and heartfelt. I respond well to Lil' Wayne's music and his interviews always are so open. Here's a clip from last night. My favorite part of the interview. When asked how he remembers his lyrics when he doesn't write them down, he replied that everyone asked that and he'd like her to know it is because he IS his music.


Karla said...

I think this is the ONLY thing we don't have in common. The sight of him makes me want to bathe and the sound of his voice induces my gag reflex. Plus his lyrics don't really make that much sense.

Don't even get me started. LOL! I won't even let Baby K here anything by Lil Wayne.

kay* said...

i like lil' wayne too and think his lyrics are seriously smart & clever (for the most part!)

after seeing this clip i went and watched the full interview on youtube - i enjoyed it. it was good and he showed he does have common sense.

Anonymous said...

Katie Couric interviewed Lil Wayne. The End. ;0)


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