The Day I Met the President ... of the United States!

Yesterday I had a life changing experience - I got to ask the President of the United States a question ... in REAL LIFE - not just in my head!

I've been in a beef w/my bestie and in an attempt to make up, he invited me to go to the President's Town Hall meeting here in New Orleans. I was stoked! Around 1500 tickets were available for the general public and they were given away in a lottery style. My bestie won and I was elated that he took me. We went to hear the President speak about what's happening in his administration right now. It was amazing! During one part of his speech I was moved to tears. He spoke about the how students who had come to New Orleans after Katrina were to be commended because they came after the storm and had seen what had happened. He said people in New Orleans were true believers and that's what the country needs. (Of course I was in tears at that point. That's exactly what I feel about being here - that I believe in what this city has to offer so the fact the leader of the free world agreed was enough to move me to tears!)

So after his speech he opened the floor for questions. I generally have questions - when I go to events where the floor is open for comments I generally ask. I raised my hand with no idea if he'd call on me. The people he called on had great questions so I was a little intimidated but I kept trying. My bestie said if you are trying to ask a question you are going to have to really want it. So when President Obama looked my way I sent all of my energy his way. I didn't scream or wave my hands, I simply focused on making contact with him. (I've been working on directing my energy in meditation but I digress.) He looked my way and then directly at me and said you young lady. I was DONE! I was so nervous and I said, "Good afternoon President Obama." I must have melted right then and there. I could hear the crowd laughing and then I grabbed my chest area (I guess my friends are right when they say I'm animated in my speaking). He said OMG I broke her heart. I began my question but he stopped me and said, "What's your name?" Now if you know me, you know I've been working on this DaVida Chanel brand. I always always say I'm DaVida Chanel because I want people to associate me with my first and middle name. For the life of me when that man asked my name I could not remember it! He asked again and I was able to mutter, "DaVida". I began my question which was involving environmental issues (I wanted to know where providing more energy efficient standards is on his administration's agenda; the crowd felt me because I apparently got an ovation of applause). He looked me directly in the face and answered my question.

When it was over, I was amazed at what had just happened. I've always had a thing about Presidents and the election proces (since the first time I read about President Kennedy I was hooked). The Reagan years were of particular interest and of course, I was into President Clinton. This past year's race was full of people I resonated with (I love Hillary Clinton and was a fan of John Edwards pre-baby mama drama). But when Senator Obama stepped on the scene, I was ON IT! I felt like he had the potential to be a great leader and I really got into him and his story. I also find it interesting that the majority of Americans will never see the current President while in office. Until yesterday I never thought I'd be fortunate enough to see a President (unless of course I made a lot of money or got famous enough one day). I'm still in awe of what happened.

In short, it was simply a question I got to ask and that was answered but something about that moment confirmed that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I think my question got local officials thinking about an area they were not and it allowed me to really get involved in something I believe in here in the city (a representative from the mayor's office gave me her contact info to become involved and tonight I was invited to a mixer for people interested in turning our city green). I'm a person that is moved by the synchronistic events of life and talking to the President was a huge event in my life.

NOTE: I JUST FOUND THE LINK: http://www.wdsu.com/video/21308126/
Now that I can mark President Obama off my list of people I want to meet, Oprah moves to the top of the list. At the rate things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if I see her soon!


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

good ish DaVida Chanel!!


Karla said...

So jealous! Good for you for keeping your composure. I don't know if I would have had the courage to raise my hand.

Naybe our reunion in Chicagoland will be your opportunity to cross O-frey off the list.

kay* said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marion said...

Adorable! I wish there was video of it. Good for you and finding your direction!

x, Marion

DaVida Chanel said...

Marion's wish has been granted! THANKS GOOGLE (can't see me but you can hear me!).

dawnyele said...

Such a great story! I saw the town hall video and you did a great job too! Not everyone can stand up and ask the Pres a question without stammering. Representing Plaquemine to the fullest! Congrats on all that you do!


Kendra said...

So proud of you! Very exciting. Way to go! Keep on pushing forward. Best, Kendra

dina best said...

Just simply marvelous!

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