Samantha Jones - Friend in My Head

As I've said tons of times before, I didn't get into Sex and the City until way later than everyone else. Once I did I was hooked. I gain new insight into myself all the time from this show. My latest friend in my head is none other than Samantha Jones from the show.

On first glance it may appear that Carrie is my prototype - she's a great writer, fashion forward, and seeks to be in love. Well, what I've recently discovered (well more like accepted about myself) is that I have much more to learn from Samantha. Its easy to say that Samantha is a just some cougar in heat. That is so not the case! Samantha Jones is so much more.

She is a consummate business woman. Throughout the course of the show we saw her build her business into a power PR firm and she put her boo on the map by constructing a PR campaign revolving around some silly play he was in! Episode after episode, we see her set her sights on something (more often someone) and by the end of the show she lands her conquests. In my head I see us discussing strategies for promoting my business and building it as she did hers.

Samantha is not the typical prototype for a "lady", but she's all woman! There's a quote that says, "Well-behaved women rarely make history.” I've been trying to follow so many self imposed rules for so long that if having a friend like Samantha in my head is totally necessary. Samantha is always confident and projects that confidence into everything she does - a quality I definitely need to develop! Also she's not afraid of admitting what she truly wants. Sometimes I feel like a "bad girl" because at my age marriage is the farthest thing from my thoughts (and because I feel that way I tend to attract others who do as well). I'm really just trying to enjoy myself, date and have a good time. Samantha would be a friend that would encourage that type of behavior. We'd sit and share our exploits of whatever the new fab-o cocktail is at the new fab-o spot, while meeting and attracting new "boos".

Samantha Jones is a friend in my head because I respect her authenticity and self acceptance. She's obviously a fictional character but when there's a quality in someone else you truly admire, then you embody that quality yourself. Inside of me lives a ball-sy, vibrant chick like a Samantha with enough confidence to achieve anything I set my mind to. I'm ready to let that woman come out and play. Only rule? There are no rules!


Kay* said...

I've BEEN loving Sex and The City for soooo long. My sister just doesn't get it. She's like "why don't you watch The Game ;" (oddly enough i just got into the game in the past 2 months and have seen nearly episode thanks to the marathons shown on BET...need that show back now!!!!)

anywho...did you know Kim Catrall (actress who plays samantha) is also canadian....yeah girl.....


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Miranda is a friend in my head and so is Joan from Girlfriends. LOL

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