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For the most part, I'm older than all of my friends (for the most part, taller too but I digress). It has worked out that the people I'm closest to are younger than me (there are exceptions but for the most part, I'm older). When I meet women I generally feel like a kid. It is my insecurities over what I've accomplished and it has nothing to do with them - it is all me. When I met Davina Douthard, her confidence and poise demanded me to shine and allow myself to be me.

Davina is an image consultant and when an old boss of mine decided to work with an up and coming singer, he called her in for her expertise. She and I worked closely with the artist and I was able to really see how she made her vision come forth when working with an artist. It was ironic because it appeared that she was just helping the singer become more of who she was inside. That intrigued me about her, I wanted to get to know her better and really become friends with this woman (so funny because she's just a couple years older than me but I see her as a woman and me as a girl!). As I got to know Davina more, I realized she was a juggernaut when it came to her career. I met her as an image consultant but learned that she wore many different hats and held many different titles but they were all under HER company. She worked for herself and she did work that benefitted others. She was stylish, chic and kind. She was a lot of what I wanted to be but most of all she was a BOSS! Someone who ran a business in which she founded (sound familiar? She's my mentor and inspiration behind DaVida Chanel Productions!). And that is what she makes me wanna do ... Be a Boss (in my Kelis voice!).

NAME: Davina Douthard
AGE: Old enough to know better & young enough to still learn something new!
HOMETOWN: Inglewood CA

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Public Relations, UCLA & Organizational Leadership, Chapman University
OCCUPATION: Image Consultant
AS A CHILD WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP: An Image Consultant (I didn’t know that is what I would call it, but I knew that is what it was).
HOW DID YOU BEGIN YOUR CAREER: While being raised in Inglewood, a working class community in Southern California, I unknowingly started my career at the tender age of eight (8) years, when my mother enrolled me in a local program to provide the neighborhood children with a positive outlet. The program called Itty Bitty City was an organization which taught children self-esteem, confidence and etiquette through modeling and personal development training. The program held many events including fashion shows, dances and social activities to allow youth to interact in a positive and nurturing environment. The program proved stimulating for me as I participated year after year.
My fascination with image began to emerge as a youth as I would find myself spending countless hours watching programs related to image. At the time, I did not define it as image, but looking back I understand that my fascination was about image and the value of how others perceive us. The programs I watched varied in nature from fashion programs such as Elsa Klench’s style to biographies on movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and presidential figures like John F. Kennedy or simply watching old Hollywood movies. I am really influenced by the Golden Years of Hollywood. The men and women of that era were phenomenal. They were always polished dressers, excellent orators and remarkable entertainers.
I took a significant interest in the training I received at Itty Bitty City. While in college, at the age of sixteen (16) years, she became a certified teacher at one the most prestigious modeling and personal development schools in the nation. My goal was to teach other students the valuable lessons I learned as a child. I continued on to represent that organization as a public speaker to promote self-esteem and confidence at many seminars throughout Arizona and California. I continue public speaking today.
My attraction to image led me to pursue a certificate in Public Relations with an emphasis in entertainment careers from UCLA extension. I believed this education would prove valuable as I guided my clients in shaping their image before their publics. My desire to continue my educational pursuits led me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree from Chapman University in Organizational Leadership. With this education, I have helped many professionals and leaders become better presenters before their colleagues and constituents. I have worked with many prestigious organizations including Arista Records, Capital Records, RCA Records, Cirrincione Associates, Silverbird Entertainment of West Africa, the State of California Regional Centers and many others.
ARE YOU LIVING THE LIFE YOU DREAMED OF: Yes, but I am far from finished. I have a lot of goals to still reach.
WHO IS YOUR FEMALE INSPIRATION: My mother and all women! They all have life stories and experiences that can or have inspired me!
WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN: I love to travel! I love to hear music and watch people, so I will attend parties. I love to cook and bake and that is fun to me.
WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHER WOMEN IN PURSUIT OF THEIR DREAM: Stick to it. Don’t let people distract you from your purpose. People will try to tell you what you are doing is foolish or does not make sense. Maintain your relationship with the Lord and when you have a question or doubt, ask the Lord for guidance. His way is always the right direction. People usually don’t know the right answer for you. When I first started doing image consulting, many people did not know what it was and many thought it was a cute idea, but not a viable business. Look at me now! Your purpose is defined before you arrive and sometimes it is something new! The other thing I want to say to women is STOP tearing other women down. When another woman is doing something positive, congratulate and support her. Don’t try to sabotage her success.
INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES OR MOTTO: “The impossible is that which has never been done, until someone else does it,” which means basically that nothing is impossible.
Visit Davina at www.davinadouthard.com

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