Big Sista' Blues

I have a little sister who is 15. She is very different personality wise than I am ... and from the stories I've heard, she's a lot like my mom was at her age (and she has two step sisters and she's alot like the bitchy one). She had a myspace page and it was fine - it was cute and "appropriate" UNTIL she put up some pictures recently. I was HOT - she was wearing one of those swimsuits that was popular last summer the kind like this picture.

I got mad when I saw the inappropriate pictures but not just at her but more so at my mom - why the hell would you buy that for your 15 year old and let her wear it!!!! So I told on her. All hell broke loose because my mom got mad because her pictures were online. I'm mad because my mom doesn't get why I'm mad - that she bought the suit in the first place. And my sister is mad because I "snitched" on her. ARGH! That's why you should have your kids closer together in age. Obviously my loyalty is to my sister which is why I told in the first place but it is difficult to be her friend because she's freakin' 15 and her judgement is sometimes questionable.

Am I a snitch? Little sisters let me know ... don't be too hard on me though. I'm trying to be the more responsible one ;)


kay* said...

definitely not a snitch! that isn't the most appropriate swimsuit for a 15 year old - she may be mad at you now but when she's older she'll understand you were just looking out for her best interest. i have younger siblings and there is a big age gap between us as well - i call them on some of the stuff they do (not a lot) and i trust they know i'm just looking out for them (they are boys - so i have to remind them how shady girls can be..."you may say that to her as a joke but she could become jealous and flip it up...be careful" that kinda thing)

Karla said...

Ummm...If I caught my 15 year old cousin - not only wearing that - but posting it on the internet I would kick her arse! I stand with you, Big Sister

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