Embracing the Alter Ego

Alter ego is defined as another side of oneself or a second self. Some psychologists believe everyone has an alter ego and have often spoke of this "second self" as a negative (think Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde). I'm not looking to discover a negative persona or something that will work against me, I am looking for that positive alter ego.
I am a fan of Beyonce. I think when she is on stage performing, she is a beast and there are few that can rival her energy and dedication. I mean how many other performers have we seen take falls and bounce back as if nothing even happened? It has always been clear to me that something takes over her when she is performing because in interviews, she does not possess that same power. Yes, she is always beautiful and all, but not that girl that gets off on stage. She had spoke of this alter ego Sasha taking over in the past. Now her new album lets the Sasha Fierce out.I need to develop my own sort of Sasha Fierce ... that side of me that will take over when my insecurities or issues stand to hold the talented side of me back. Beyonce represents that to me.
The Sasha doesn't give her something that she doesn't possess - she is clearly that performer inside and out. What I do think happens is that the Sasha doesn't let the Beyonce stuff get in the way. The Sasha is uninhibited and just goes after it. The Sasha allows her to shine. I feel like I'm rambling so I'll wrap it up by saying that I need to find that part of myself that steps up when necessary so I can shine. That side that doesn't get caught up in what isn't and just goes after what I know I am capable of. I want my alter ego to step up and show out at the necessary moments. I want my alter ego to show up so that the goodness of DaVida can rise to the top of its game.

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Ran said...

I agree! But I think we all have an alter ego inside of us. Some have found it and some has not...yet!!lol

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